What is Yorker in Cricket? How To Bowl Yorker in Cricket

Yorker in cricket is the most popular term that brings a twist to the game and puts emphasis on the bowling team. If you are a beginner in cricket and are not familiar with this term, this post is definitely for you. The Yorker is basically a delivery that causes difficulty for batsmen. It is often unplayable.

Moreover, as you know, cricket has a unique playing strategy with different terms.

Further, there are a lot of more interesting twists and rules in cricket that astonish the cricketers.  

Furthermore, awareness of these things is essential in different aspects. For example, if you are a fan of cricket games, you can’t understand the whole scenario until you are familiar with these rising terms. On the other hand, the understanding of a cricketer is pivotal to playing well.

Don’t worry if you had no ideas earlier in this concise content. I will explain to you the most interesting thing about cricket ball yorkers. 

What is Yorker in Cricket?

In cricket, a yorker is a fast bowler’s delivery that hits the pitch around the batsman’s feet. It is too difficult for a batsman to hit the ball with a bat because it is too fast. And the batsman has a minute to play a shot with the Yorker ball. 

For more understanding, let’s go into detail. When a bowler delivers the ball to a batsman with different ball lengths or techniques, it gives variety in deliveries. There are a lot of deliveries by the bowler, which makes it difficult to play. Some of the names are given below

  • Bouncer
  • Inswinger
  • Knuckle ball
  • Leg cutter
  • Off cutter  
  • Outswinger
  • Reverse swing
  • Slower ball  
  • Yorker
  • Googly
  • Teesra 
  • Doosra 
  • Flipper 
  • Leg break, 
  • Shot ball

Hence, Yorker includes those deliveries, which are often missed by batsmen. Yorker deliveries are usually longer than full-length deliveries. 

How Do You Bowl Yorkers in Cricket?

After getting an idea of this wonderful delivery, you will be surprised. Yorker’s delivery made the player more valuable. His command of different types of bowling gives the bowling team an edge. Many people consider Yorker a very difficult degree, but not all. Just practice and full focus are required.

If you are a newbie in the game of cricket, you should be familiar with Yorker. However, if you are in search of how to play Yorker, here is an explanation!

Steps to Play Yorker

There are the following major steps that will help you play yorYorker explain you in a simple way that definitely will prove best for you.

1. Ball Holding

Yorker is no more difficult if you are willing to play. First, you should hold the ball the right way. The correct method is to position your middle finger and index finger on the sides of the middle seam. Further, your thumb should be on the small side of the seam. The pointer finger will be placed on the same side as the thumb. The important thing to note is: don’t be puzzled; take your breath and deliver the ball smoothly. This will help you improve the accuracy of the ball. 

2. Take Aim For Yorker Ball

For aiming the yorker ball, you have to focus on the crease line and stumps. Your attention should not be around the batsman. Concentrate on the batsman and lock your eyes for the duration of your delivery. Further, training really matters. It has a deep effect on your delivery. 

Very importantly, you have to try to bounce the ball as close to the batsman as possible. This will tell you how good you are at playing yorker ball. 

3. Run up

For the run-up, practice matters. Actually, overall accuracy is one of the basic components. So you can run for delivery according to your own method. But the result should be accurate. yorker, owling yorker try a slower and quicker than normal pace for the run-up. 

4. Shoulder Movement

Shoulder movement basically distinguishes Yorker from other deliveries. If you notice, shoulder movement plays a vital role in the yorker ball. Hence, the direction of the shoulder is at the bottom of the stumps.

However, the movement of the shoulder ensures the fullness and speed of your yorker. Although practice is required for this, 

5. Ways to throw the ball

Throw the ball in such a way that it lands very close to the batsman’s feet. For an ideal Yankee, the ball will land right before the batsman’s feet. That is an interesting point to note because, in this way, the batsman has very little time to play the shot. Your position should be balanced. 

The Main Point About Cricket Ball Yorker is:

There are some more important things that help you a lot to play yorker in cricket. 

  • You have to practice for perfection in speed and delivery. Moreover, try to start up in the same position where you ended up. 
  • More importantly, the Yorkers mostly play at the end of the game. 
  • Before playing Yorkers, try to play a a variety of deliveries to the batsman so he has no attention to the deliveries during the match. 
  • Drills can help you become proficient in cricket. 
  • When you feel confident, then you should play Yorker; otherwise, try to save it later.

Origin of Yorker in Cricket

The origin of Yorker is not yet confirmed, but an interesting fact is that it is associated with the country name of an English northwestern country, Yorkshire. 

The Best Yorkers in Cricket

There are famous players whose names are the best yorkers:

  • Waqar Younis (Pakistan)
  • Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)
  • Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)
  • Brett Lee (Australia)
  • Wasim Akram (Pakistan)
  • Curtly Ambrose (West Indies)
  • Zaheer Khan (India)
  •  Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India)
  •  Jasprit Bumrah (India) and
  •  T. Natarajan (India)

Yorkers in Cricket History

There are some remarkable yorkers in cricket that change the map of the game. West Indies batsman Chris Gayle was dismissed in the 2016 T20 World Cup. During this semi-final match, Jasprit Bumrah delivered Yorker, and he could not play. 

Moreover. Another remarkable event is when Kemar Roach, who is a former fast bowler from the West Indies, bowled Yorker. Vuzimusi Sibanda, a Zimbabwean player, faced this unplayable delivery. 

In the 2016 ODI match between New Zealand and the West Indies, Sane Bond’s delivery to Darren Ganga At that time, Bond highlighted his name as a perfect Yorker.  


Yorker in cricket is a full-length delivery, which is one of the reasons for being a large fan of cricket. So, if you get proficient on the cricket yorker ball, you can make your name as the best bowler on the cricket field. I hope this post will meet your needs if you have a desire to learn more interesting terms about cricket, you can go to the links that I mentioned below.