Flipper in Cricket: How To Bowl It? Difference Between Googly And Flipper 

Flipper in cricket is one of the spin bowler deliveries. Basically, it is a back-spin ball.  The flipper ball bowler uses his backspin and his fingers. 

Flipper, googly, doosra, teesra, leg break, off break, and leg cutter off cutter are some of the variations in the delivery of the bowler in the sport of cricket. Your mastery of the number of deliveries makes you an ideal bowler. Moreover, if you gain knowledge about all the varieties of bowling balls, you will be better able to play shots in the match. 

However, this time is for the most rare delivery, which is the flipper in cricket. Here you will get all the information about the flipper in cricket. This post will cover the following topics: What is a flipper in cricket? How do I bowl flippers? The basic difference between the Googly and Flipper as well as the invention of the Flipper in cricket. Moreover, the names of famous flippers in the world. 

Let’s get the answer and information about this most interesting delivery flipper. 

What is Flipper in Cricket?

Flipper in cricket is one of the spin bowler deliveries. Basically, it is a back-spin ball. Interestingly, for bowling, the flipper ball bowler uses his backspin and his fingers. 

Moreover, when the ball pitches, it passes quickly, and then its speed becomes low. This often deceives the batsman. 

Flipper ball is a term that indicates the type of delivery. The main feature of the flipper delivery is that it has a deep effect. Do you think what is pop? Pop is extra pace in the bowling activity. However, it changes the trajectory of the delivery. When it comes out of the bowler’s hand, the ball gets this point.

This term also demonstrates other types of deliveries. The Bob Holland Australia leg spinner bowler is occupied with the back spin ball or flipper ball.

He pushed the ball backward with the help of his palm. More interestingly, this type of variation in bowling, which is a front-hand flipper, is called a “Zoote.”.  It is easy to bolw; anyone can easily get a chance to deliver this ball. But it is not as effective as the backspin. 

How Do I Bowl Flippers in Cricket?

For gaining mastery over any delivery, the main thing is awareness of the techniques of the specific delivery. Here, I am explaining all the techniques that not only help you grip the ball but also give you an idea of how to release the flippers in cricket. Following are these techniques: 

Let’s go through them. 

Flipper Ball Grip 

Are you aware of how to grip the ball while bowling leg break delivery in the sport of  cricket?. If your answer is yes, then flipper ball gripping is much easier for you; it is quite similar with that grip. 

However, if your answer is no,. Don’t worry, I have a good explanation here for holding a flipper ball. Simply put, your middle and index finger top joints run across the seam. This is a way to hold the ball while delivering the flipper ball.   

Release of Ball 

The release of the flipper ball is quite different. Actually, your thumb plays a vital role in bowling this delivery. When you are at the stage to let go of the ball, your tumb and fingers manage to get into it out of the hand. 

Moreover, practice is the only thing that can make you proficient on the flipper in cricket. Try flipping the ball and practicing clicking the fingers. 

Difference Between Flipper And Googly Ball

There are a lot of newcomers to cricket who are often confused about the difference between the googly and flippers. These are two different types of deliveries. Basically, leg spinners bowl the googly. Googly often confused the batsman. 

Anyhow, if you want to get knowledge about googly and have a desire to learn how to bowl googly, you can go to this post: “What is googly ball and how to spin googly ball in cricket?”

The basic difference between googly and flipper is that the googly turns from off to leg. On the other hand, the flipper does not turn like that. It moves straight with minimal spin.

 Googly bowled with a wider angle, while the flipper in cricket bowled with a straight angle. 

Invention of the Flipper

 Australian Clarrie Grimmett is the first man to get credit for the invention of this amazing delivery. Actually, he bowled it as a conventional leg spin, but it became more productive and later gained fame as a flipper. 

Famous Flippers in the World 

There are the names of some famous flippers that made his name due to this bowling action:

Shane Warne is the king of the spinners. He was a famous spinner who polished his name due to the amazing delivery of the flipper. 

Anil Kumble is also included in the list of flippers and leg spinners. 

Abdul Qadir was a legendary leg spinner from the 1970s to the 1980s. Later on, he worked as a selector for the Pakistan Cricket Board, but later he retired. 


Leg spinners often have command of the flipper in cricket. Delivering a flipper ball in cricket is not a very difficult task; just the delivery of the ball demands proper practice. After proper practice, you can easily bowl this amazing delivery. I hope you enjoyed this concise post. If you are in search of other terms related to cricket, you can go to the link given below. 


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