Leg Cutter in Cricket Steps To Bowl Leg Cutter in Cricket

A leg cutter is one of the amazing deliveries from the fast bowler. A lot of players deliver different varieties of deliveries, like the inswinger, bouncer, doosra, teesra, and yorkers.

In the same way, many fast bowlers use a leg cutter to get the handle on the sport of cricket. Here is a complete guide for you on leg cutters. I am not only going to tell you about leg cutters but also how to bowl a leg cutter in the sport of cricket. 

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What is Leg Cutter in Cricket?

A fast bowler usually bowls a slow ball by applying a slight side-way rotation to the ball when it leaves his hand. This type of slower ball is called a leg cutter in the sport of cricket

Moreover, this rotation varies for different bowlers, such as the right-arm bowler; the rotation in the ball to produce a swing is in an anti-clockwise direction.

 While the leg cutter is bowled by the left-arm bowler, the ball will leave the bowler’s hand rotating in a clockwise direction.  

The anti-clockwise direction indicates that the ball could spin right to left; alternatively, clockwise means the spin could move the ball left to right.

However, it moves towards the body of a right-handed batsman. This delivery is often dangerous for batsmen. If you are wondering when is a good time to bowl the leg cutter in cricket, this guide is for you.

Actually, the best time to deliver the leg cutter is when the batsman is in full mood of consistently playing shots. Because at this time, your leg-cutter delivery can disturb the rhythm of the batsman. Moreover, his attention was on bowling a fast ball.

That’s why he plays his shot early, and his movement is also fast towards the upcoming ball. In this way, it enhances the chance of batsmen missing the ball and fielders catching the ball. It’s a pulse point for the fast bowler. 

How Do Bowl Leg Cutter In Cricket? 

As first mentioned, I mentioned a lot of deliveries, and one of the best is the leg cutter. It is very simple to learn; just practice is required. Proper practice can help you get the hang of this delivery. I provide you with a step-by-step guide that builds your command on the leg cutter. 

Steps To Bowl Leg Cutter

There are a few steps that will help you bowl a leg cutter!

Ball Holding

Correct grip of the ball is vital to bowling leg cutters in cricket. It is the most important aspect of gripping the ball when delivering a leg cutter.

It is mostly the same as the fast-bowling grip in cricket. For holding the ball, just move your index finger down the side of the ball.

The position of your middle finger plays an important role in the bowl leg cutter. It is positioned more centrally on the top of the ball.     

Good Run-Up

Once you hold the ball accurately, the next step is to take a run-up. A good run-up can increase the efficiency of your delivery. Many players usually make this mistake while delivering leg cutters in cricket. 

Fast bowlers made their run-up slow while delivering the ball. That is the reason the batsman assumes or notices his bowling style. So he can play it efficiently.

Many players don’t notice this ideal bowling strategy. Actually, it’s a secret tip for the bowling leg cutter. 

More importantly, the run-up is similar to what you usually take for bowling. So, when you come close to the crease, prepare yourself to deliver the ball.

So, concentrate on your normal bowling action. Take a run-up in your comfortable position. Hence, the ball will leave your hand automatically and slowly.    

Spinning Movement 

Now let’s learn how to produce spin in the ball. For spinning the ball, rotate your hand slightly. For more convenience, you can understand it through an example like a doorknob to open the door. Anyhow, the movement of the middle finger is different for the left arm and the right-hand bowler. 

The left-arm bowler drags the middle finger down the right side of the ball; alternatively, the right-arm bowler drags the middle finger down the left side. 

The purpose of these movements is to provide spin to the ball. If we open the window, the fingers are not directly behind the ball, so the ball comes forward and delivers easily. 

Bottom lines:

I hope you have enjoyed this guide to amazing leg-cutter delivery. Moreover, it is important to note that when the pitch is very soft, leg-cutter bowling will prove beneficial. Further, if you want to gain knowledge about more interesting topics, you can go to these posts on inswingers in cricket and bouncers. Interestingly, if you want to gain more knowledge, you can go to the link given below. 


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