Outswinger in Cricket Methods And Benefits For Bowling Outswinger

An outswinger in cricket is a type of delivery in which the ball moves away from the batsman’s body and wicket. The outswinger name itself indicates that the ball swings out and away.

Usually, swing bowlers are bowl ouswingers in the sport of cricket. In this post, I am going to explain to you how to bowl outswingers as well as the benefits of outswingers in cricket. 

What is an Outswinger?

An outswinger is a type of delivery that is opposite to the inswinger in cricket. This delivery causes the ball to move away from the batsman’s body, while on the other hand, when the bowler bowls, the ball moves toward the body of the batsman or wicket. 

Moreover, do you want to know what a swing is? It is part of both insinger and outswinger deliveries in cricket. 

Basically, when the swing bowlers bowl, the ball swings, demonstrating lateral movement in the air. 

More interestingly, the vial helps distinguish between an inswinger and an outswinger in cricket. A delivery bowled to the right-handed batsman is called an outswing. Otherwise, it is called an inswinger when it is bowled to the left-handed batsman. This is because both batsmen face this delivery in different ways when they are at a crease. 

Methods for Bowling Outswinger In Cricket

For every type of delivery, the basic and most important thing is ball holding. The first two fingers are present on either side of the seam of the ball. In this delivery, you can produce enough backspin by moving your hand slightly toward the left.

 Okay, what about the ball position? The shiny part of the ball faces the leg side, and the seam of the ball is toward the first or second slip. The pressure acts on the ball in different ways. This helps produce a swing in the ball. The air moves through the rough and smooth surface of the ball. Consequently, the ball swings toward the left. So, the holding of the cricket ball impacts the swing. 

Outswinger Ball Grip In Cricket

There is a way that helps you bowl outswinger delivery. Let’s look at the step-by-step guide!

Step 1

First, hold the ball with a fast bowling grip. Your fingers are parallel to the seam. As in other bowling grips, the thumb is beneath the ball and provides support for the ball. The little and ring fingers also provide support to the ball on each side of the ball. 

Step 2

For a right-arm bowler, the rough side of the ball is on the left side, while the shiny side of the ball is on the right side. For a left-arm bowler, alternate this position. Anyhow, if the ball has both sides the same, then this step will not be applicable.

Step 3

Right-arm bowler, turn the ball in an anti-clockwise direction so the seam is toward the slips. Further, the left-arm bowler turns the ball clockwise so the seam is towards the slips. 

Step 4

Index finger positioned on the inside of the seam. The middle finger should be on the top of the seam or shiny side of the ball. 

Step 5

The last and most important step is to leave a little gap between the palm of your hand and the face of the delivering ball. It helps you to release the ball accurately.  

Benefits of outswinger In Cricket

The delivery became the reason for the difficulty of the play for the batsman. The important point to note from a right-handed batsman is that the swing is away from his body; its direction is towards the off side. Moreover, a left-handed batsman is toward the body and toward the leg side. Anyhow, it makes the outswinger an inswinger in cricket. 

Often, the right-handed batsman cannot judge the outswinger’s delivery. So, wicketkeepers or slip fielders  catch the ball. It is the most difficult fast-bowling delivery for the batsman. There are a lot of chances to get out of the game. 

Interestingly, the bowler tries to bowl outswingers consistently, which is why the batsman attempts to play away from his body.

 Due to repeated outswingers in cricket, the batsman is fed up and mostly misses the ball. So variation in the delivery becomes difficult for the batsman. 

Moreover, the change in length of the deliveries is the most tempting task for the batsman. 

However, sometimes the bowler uses an off cutter instead of an outswinger in cricket to produce more difficulty for the shot. The change in length of the ball leads to yorker, jaffa, and many more varieties in deliveries. 


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