What is a Short Ball In Cricket? 7 best Techniques To Play Short Ball

Facing a short ball in cricket often proves a very disconcerting and discomfiting situation. If you have played cricket for a while, you have noticed how a fast ball in cricket can lead batsmen to be intimidated. While the cricketers who are newbies also feel fear about the short ball in cricket,

As a batsman, you should have the knowledge to deal with a short ball in cricket. There are a lot of different types of shots that a good batsman has to deal with different types of deliveries. 

Although a batman can use different techniques and strategies to deal with a short ball in cricket, the same as a bowler, who learns techniques such as how to bowl faster in cricket.

Hence, in this article, I have mentioned the best techniques that not only help you to play short ball in cricket but also this will boost your energy.

What is a Short Ball In Cricket?

A delivery that is short of a good length and its objective is to bounce up at the batman’s body is called a short ball in cricket. 

This delivery is very useful for a bowler, but on the other hand, it can be disconcerting for a batsman. Because a short ball can bounce higher into the region of the front of the body between the chest and the waist, If we talk about the area of a short ball, it is pitched between the bouncer and a good-length ball.

Short Ball in T20 and ODI Cricket

 The rules regarding short balls in cricket are different in T20 and ODI cricket. According to T20 playing conditions only one short ball is allowed during an over. By the way, any repeat in short ball can be considered as no ball and the next ball is a free hit. In 2012 short ball rules were quite relaxed in ODI as there are two short balls allowed per over.

Example of Shot Ball In ODI 2023

In the first ODI of the three-match series, Shaheen Afridi bowled two short balls to Afghanistan, in which he took two wickets and made a good performance for Pakistan.

On August 22, 2023, Shaheen Afridi made one of his best starts in the first ODI of the three-match series, taking two wickets in two balls to push Afghanistan on the backfoot in his first over.

How To Play The Short Ball In Cricket?

If you are seeking a guide on how to play a short ball in cricket this article is for you. Focusing your eyes on the ball, body positions, trigger movements, practicing of forward press, and rolling your wrist on dealing with the ball are aspects which impact your ability. 

Top 7 techniques for short ball in cricket

 Here I am going to mention some best and authentic tips and techniques that fulfill and to the point to your needs. Ok, without delay let’s get quick access!  

There are some best techniques to play short ball:

Focus your eyes on the ball

It is a basic and essential technique of batting. If you are a good batsman, you will be familiar with this. On the other hand as a beginner in cricket, you should keep in mind that focusing on the ball will enhance your batting skills.

While, when you are dealing with a short ball in cricket, keeping your eyes on the ball is vital. Because it not only helps you to connect with the ball and make good decisions but also helps you to stay safe. 

Successful professional players also recommend this technique, as they have good experience dealing with a fastball in cricket. Moreover, facing a bouncer is a very exhausting situation. Thus, an important thing you should keep in mind is to keep your eyes on the ball, even if it is very close to your body, before hitting it. 

Trigger Movement And Positions

If you are a cricket enthusiast and have watched matches, you must have heard commentators saying back-and-forth movements. Actually, they are talking about trigger movements. So, trigger movements are those that aid you in adopting a good position before the ball bounces.

Simply, you can say that such movements through which you adopt a good and comfortable posture to hit the ball are called trigger movements.  

 However, these movements take him back in his crease, and slightly across to the off stump. To maintain your balance before hitting the ball is very important which we can get by adopting trigger movements. 

to play the initial shot in response to a short ball in cricket you should trigger a move. Trigger movements involve moving from leg stump right over to the off stump. While some batsmen do not prefer to trigger moves while contracting with a short ball in cricket. They suggest to remain still in your body posture. Consequently, it’s up to you how you feel comfortable or relax to hit the short ball in cricket.

Here an important point you should keep in your mind is that any movement you perform but your head and eyes should be kept on the ball. It will not be focusing on around areas rather than ball. However,your head and eyes are level upon delivery of the short ball in cricket. For trigger moves you can practice strong and hard under nets. 

Forward Press And Movement

Another important technique is a forward movement toward the bowler in every situation. This is an important thing to emphasize the positive and comes with forward movements.

No matter what you are facing, your movements must move forward toward the bowler. Kevin Pietersen, one of the most aggressive players, also suggested this. It will ensure that your weight in your front knee as it bends. 

Forward press means that push back off your front foot and stand up tall to play a short ball.   Moreover, forward foot movement decreases your chance of edging the ball to the keeper.

A key aspect that a lot of people mistake is that when you are focusing the ball before hitting is that your weight is already on the back of the foot and this is not a good position to hit the ball. So, you should take your body forwards and then you can maintain balance and equilibrium to hit the ball.  

Stood Up Tall And Wrist Rolling

There is always a risk that the ball will go up in the air when you are playing short ball in cricket. On the other hand, this will give benefits to the bowling side because if a captain is more elegant he tries to set the fielding team in such a way that they can capture and catch the ball in a comprehensive way. 

However, while playing the short ball your eyes should be straight or above the level of the ball delivery. So try to stand as tall as you can.

Don’t bend your knee so much that you can’t stand at the level of the delivery ball. Rolling your wrist to keep the ball down by turning the bat face when you are playing the short ball in cricket. 

If you are not rolling your wrist during a shot then cause the ball to travel up in the air.

 So beware about this!

For this you should practice turning the face of the bat slightly towards the ground.

Maintain Your Position To The Crease

If you are in search of some easy technique that helps you to play a short ball in cricket. So, be attentive now this technique is for you.

It is an interesting method you can adopt to hit the short ball. You should try to stand further back to your crease.

This will provide more important time to play a shot. So, this strategy gives you an advantage. Make sure you use your crease whenever you start the stance. 

But an important thing you should remember is that don’t to close the stump. Because this can enhance the risk of hitting the bat on the stump. 

Use uppercut shot

Uppercut shot is a great option to play a short ball in cricket. Basically, it is an outside off-stump. 

Sachin Tendulkar is an elegant player who is famous for uppercut shot. The important key to understand for this shot is first identifying the line and length of the ball. This is one of the biggest mistakes that often players make while playing this shot. 

It should be noted that keep your eyes straight while playing this shot.  Moreover, if you want to know more different kinds of shots you should read my post on types of shots in cricket . This post will provide more authentic and basic information which will boost your skills.

Positive Mindset

For assurance of your all techniques and skills, a positive and good mindset is also required.   I have often seen fear on many batsmen’s faces when playing a short ball in cricket.

It decreases his motivation and darkens his skills. So positive thinking is key to attack. Without any hesitation, you should be ready to show quick response to the ball. Be ready to adopt trigger movement such as front foot movement.   


A short ball in cricket often causes problems for batsmen, but with proper techniques, he can easily defeat the ball. I hope you have got a good knowledge about short balls and find guidance and mistakes which often players make.  If you want to get more useful information regarding cricket, you can go to the links which are given below.

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