How To Bowl Faster In Cricket? Tips That Every Cricket Enthusiast Looking For

It should be noted that to bowl fast in cricket you need certain techniques such as comfortable run-up, proper hip shoulder separation, wrist positions, stable body position, proper bowling action, as well as bowling and non-bowling arms usage. Moreover good fitness and flexibility is an essential thing to bowl fast. 

A large number of cricket fans and spectators are always amazed and intrigued by how the bowler creates difficulties for the batting team.

However, cricket newbies and players try to master fast bowling. A cricket enthusiast is often looking for how to bowl faster in cricket? 

Along with this there are many other big and small factors that influence fast bowling. However, gaining awareness of these factors and then mastering them is very important for fast bowling.

In this article, you learn about some secret tips that will help you to bowl faster in cricket and through which you can get perfect skills.

Top Secret Tips on How To Bowl Fast In Cricket

Proper execution and sequence are very important to delivering the ball, and here I am going to share some secret tips that will not only help you achieve success in bowling fast but also help you increase your pace with better control. 

There are some fast bowling tips:

Fix or Mark Your Starting Run-Up Spot

Fixing your starting position while running up is the most fundamental and basic tip of fast bowling that every professional pacer follows. However, the question now is how to achieve this. Well, this is a very easy method. First you will count your number of steps as you approach the crease. 

But it is important to note that before counting the steps, you should practice a few deliveries, when you feel that you can comfortably deliver the ball without any impact, then mark the length of your run up. The run-up should always be measured from the starting location to the crease line.

All these instructions will help you to strengthen your muscle memory and master the complete bowling action when you are playing a match. As a result, while playing the match you have to mark your starting point.

Make Sure Your Practice Before Ball Delivery

As you practice your run up, make sure you have a proper landing during foot binding.

 Your foot should be in a comfortable position when you run up to release the ball.

There are some key points that ensure to improve your practice while bowling:

  • Put attention to your front foot

On the other hand, you also have to pay close attention to your front foot landing position, try to keep your weights in your toes and try to transfer the weight to your front foot.  Your front toe should be towards the batsman as you spin your hips around.

Another important thing is to make sure your front foot stays straight when you release the ball rather than bent at the knee.

  • Bounding to get proper landing

In  bounding, the right height will provide momentum to the delivery, on the other hand, the height will disturb the momentum. Also, if there is no bound, you will not get power. It will only help if you practice moderate jumps.

  • Proper leg position

Maintaining leg position is critical to becoming a fast bowler as it plays a holistic role and helps the bowler to generate power so that the lower body has a decelerate and the upper body accelerates forward.

This phenomenon is exactly like when we apply the brakes while driving a fast car, the car decelerates moving backwards while the passenger shows forward acceleration.

  • Regularly practice your run up

Once you have a solid grasp of your front foot position and proper leg position and bounding, you will need to practice the run-up on a daily basis. When you practice your run-up on a daily basis, you will become more proficient at fast bowling and this will improve your next practice and next skills.

Without further delay let’s move on to the next secret tip!

Use Front Arm More Effectively

As a fast bowler, you should use your front arm effectively at the time of pre-delivery. The front arm-up acts like a lever and helps you release the ball while keeping your upper body at rest.

One thing to note here that you must always keep in mind is to not lower the front arm too quickly.  If you pull down your front arm quickly as a result your energy that you have generated will be wasted. 

However, the simple rule is to keep your non-bowling arm high in the air during releasing the ball at the time of landing on the back foot.

Pay Attention on Hip And Shoulder Separation

The most important aspect of achieving speed while fast bowling is maintaining your hip and shoulder separation. The purpose of this separation is to differentiate the angle between your upper body and lower body, which causes stretching of your muscles and allows you to easily and quickly release the upper body.

Work on Right Bowling Grip

To release the ball well you must have an idea how to grip it so that factors like pace swing in the air and deviation of the pitch all depend on the grip. 

 Let’s learn it first!

How To Grip The Ball For Fast Bowling?

Your index and middle fingers play a key role in gripping the ball. Your index and middle fingers should be put alongside with Seam while your thumb is down to provide support. Another important thing that you should always remember is that the distance between the finger widths should be normal. 

If the distance between the two fingers is more then it will be difficult to roll out the ball and on the other hand if the distance is less then you will not be able to control the ball. This is an excellent  fast bowling grip. Just as there are different types of swing, there are also different ways to grip the ball.

Focus on Your Wrist Position

You should have a strong wrist position behind the ball if you want to be a fast bowler as this will increase your chances of a visceral gate vertical seam position as the ball travels through the air.  It also plays a role in keeping momentum.

For a good grip you should keep the risk position perfectly straight and on the other hand when your arms are moving but your wrists should be fixed so that your pace and swing are maintained and improved.

Record And Analyze Your Technique

One of the most interesting and surprising ways to improve your fast bowling skills is to record your bowling action so that you can analyze your bowling style and identify your mistakes. 

Hire a coach who can watch all your actions and point out mistakes and give you further guidance.

Check yourself with a recording of your bowling action to see if your alignment is linear, the spins are taken correctly, and your posture is just right.

Maintain Your Body Flexibility

A flexible body is very important for fast bowling as flexibility plays a significant role in the sequence of each step of bowling. If you want to play for a long time, you need to maintain the flexibility of your body. 

For this work, you have to stretch your muscles first, that is, during stretching, your muscles will be elongated and warmed up, thus preparing you for physical activities.

Body Strength Training

In order to bowl faster in cricket, you must also focus on strength training, for example, if you are at the age of maturity and your boots are fully grown, then you should do some work exercise training.  You have to participate in the programs and be a part of them so that your muscles can become strong just by doing up-bowling.

The purpose of strength training is to increase your stability and reduce your risk of injury.

Avoid Too Much Bowling

While we have done muscle training and maintaining power, it should also be kept in mind that a fast bowler should also take sufficient breaks to maintain his fitness level and avoid any kind of injury.

That is, you can make a guideline that a fast bowler should not bowl more than four days in a seven-day period.

No more worrying about rest days you can utilize your rest days by watching your bowling videos, which will help you learn new tricks.


I hope that through this article you have easily gained full access to the question of “How to bowl Faster in Cricket?” and you can now follow these top secrets to improve your fast bowling skills by maintaining flexibility or analyzing your starting position, your body posture, your recorded videos. It is interesting that you can become a fast bowler by following the above mentioned secret tips.


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