What is Leg Break in Cricket? 4 Steps To Bowl Leg Break 

In the sport of cricket leg break is a one of the types of deliveries that deceive the batsman. In this post, we are going to deal with an amazing variation in bowler’s deliveries, which is the leg break. After learning this concise guide, you will be able to deliver leg breaks efficiently. Let’s take a glance at it!

What is a leg break in cricket?

A leg break is one of these types of deliveries. Right handed leg spin bowlers usually bowl this delivery. Interestingly leg break have another name that is leggies. For bowling this type of delivery, that bowler holds the cricket ball in the palm of the hand and the seam of the cricket ball running across his right hand fingers.

Comparison with Other Types of Deliveries 

There are some types of deliveries that often mix the concept of the leg break so for complete information you should be aware of the difference between the leg break from other deliveries. 

Leg Break vs off Break

The namess odf tthe deliveries off break and leg reak itself indicates that a leg break delivery deviates from leg side after bouncing. Moreover,  a off break ball after bouncing deviates to the off side. 

Googly vs leg break 

There is quite difference between above two deliveries. A normal leg break spin from leg to the off side. Simply, it moves away from the right handed batsman. On the other hand googly spins from the off side to leg side. In other words googly moves toward the batsman.  

Leg break vs leg spin

The types of bowler deliveries that leg break and off break have some similarities with each other. Actually, both deliveries are bowled from over the wicket. 

Leg cutter vs leg break 

Leg cutters have some basic differences from leg breaks. When a leg breaks bowled by bowler, it turns sharply. Meanwhile, a leg cutter does not turn sharply during the sport of cricket. 

4 Steps to Deliver Leg Break 

Following are the steps that make the complexity of a leg break easy for you!

Ball Gripping

The best technique to remember the ball holding way is that “two fingers up and down”.

Do you think what is the meaning of “two fingers up and down”? 

Let’s now this startege basically your index finger and middlee fingers are straight and up while the ring ans little fingers are bend and below the ball. 

For accurate gripping first grip the ball between your index and middle finger. Then bend your little and ring finger against the sides of the ball. Here the little finger not play vital role it basically rest along your ring finger.

 Moreover small gap present between finger and wrist that help in an ideal delivery. One more important thing is that the grip should not too tight. It is same as conevential bowling grip.

Body Position 

Bend your wrist at right angle for correct bowling. For good aiming line your hip, feet and shoulder up with the target. 

Run-up Technique

The beat run-up technique is that it cannot be too straight or too angled. It means that there is a slight angle. Your non-bowling arm helps you produce momentum. Moreover, prepare yourself for the stance. 

Ball-Releasing Method

It is the last step that plays a role in the release of the ball. When you are trying to release the leg break, rotate your wrist left. The ring finger will flick the ball. Moreover, then give an anti-clockwise spin to the ball and deliver it. 

FAQ About Leg Break

How Do You Bowl a Leg Break?

If you are a beginner and do not know how to bowl this amazing delivery, don’t worry. Here, I am going to provide you with a step by step guide. After following these steps, you can easily bowl the leg break in cricket. 


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