A Look At The Types of Cricket And Its Complexity Made Easy For Beginners

Types of Cricket

What are the types of cricket matches, which is the second most popular sport? What are the basic forms and international forms, and what are the formats of cricket?

Cricket, which has become the second most popular sport in the world, has many variants. The country that discovered this game is England, but after its discovery, many different types of cricket have come out. It is estimated that when we open any cricketer’s profile, we will note various match tables.

This is proof that cricket is not limited to a simple game but it has been divided into different types like First Class, Test Matches, T20, and One Day International Matches.

Categories of Cricket Matches In 2024

When the game of cricket started, there were two basic types:

  • First class
  • Tests

Basic forms In Cricket

At present, there are six categories if we look at the profile of cricket, but these three are considered the basic forms:

  1. First class
  2. One-day
  3. Twenty 20 (T20)

International forms In Cricket

If we look at the remaining three categories of cricket matches, they are called international forms which are below:

  1. Tests
  2. One-day internationals (ODI)
  3. Twenty 20 internationals ( T20I)

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Formats of cricket

Cricket matches are played in different formats; generally, these two formats are worth mentioning here:

Limited Over format

In this form of cricket, each innings is played over a fixed number of overs. These two types are played at the present time:

  • One Day International (ODI): It has 50 overs in each inning.
  • Twenty 20: It has 20 overs in each innings

Unlimited Over format

It is a type of format in which a team plays two innings without any overs. These are commonly called test matches, and a single match can last for about five days.

The Traditional Version of Cricket

Talking about the cricket match, we now look at some professional cricket matches:

  • Test Matches: Played for more than 5 days
  • One Day Matches: In this game, 50 overs are played by players per side
  • 20-Twenty Matches: 20 overs per side
  • T-10 matches: 10 overs per side
  • Super Sixes: It is played between two teams of six players each, and each side bowls a maximum of five overs.
  • 100-Ball Format: ‘The Hundred’, which is England’s team, is expected to be about five ball overs for 10-balls.
  • Three Teams Cricket: In this game, three teams play in a single match, and one team takes turns.
  • Indoor Cricket: This game is modified for indoor play.
  • Blind Cricket: This is an adapted version of sport for blind athletes in which the ball has a large size and bell in it.

Social Cricket Games 

Even a cricket player can develop his skills starting from a small level; many cricket superstars developed their skills from backyard cricket.

  • Beach Cricket
  • Backyard Cricket
  • Car Cricket 
  • French Cricket 

ODI Cricket Matches

One Day International is a game of limited overs cricket played by two teams and consists of 50 overs. The match is played approximately for nine hours. The Cricket World Cup is usually held every four years and is played in the same format.

Hence, the ODI game is a format that emerged at the end of the 20th century. The first One Day International (ODI) game was played between Australia and England on January 5, 1971, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The ICC ODI team’s batsman, bowler, and all-rounder ranking is maintained by the International Cricket Governing Body.

T20 Internationals

The T20 International was the first single game played between Australia and New Zealand in 2005. The name of this game itself tells all the secrets, as the 20-over play in this game affects the performance of the entire team. 

The family of international T20 formats is much larger than other cricket formats. Along with the 20 nations that play at the ODI level, there are fifty-three more nations that currently hold their ODI status permanently.


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