Slower Ball in Cricket: How To Bowl Slower Ball And How To Play It 

Slower balls in cricket are a variation in bowling methods. The purpose of this is dominant and has a deep impact on the batsman. If you want to gain knowledge about slower balls, this post is definitely for you.

 Here, I explain the slower ball with a complete guide. There are answers to these vital questions: what is a slower ball in cricket? Slower ball importance as well as how to bowl slower ball in cricket Okay, I covered all the answers to those questions in a comprehensive way. 

What is Slower Ball in Cricket?

The slower ball is a variation in delivery. When the bowler delivers a slower ball, the batsman often makes a mistake and does not play it. To deliver a slower ball in cricket, hold it in a different way. As its name itself demonstrates, the slower ball’s purpose is to reduce the speed of delivery. 

Basically, slower balls pass through the air with a large time compared to normal delivery. Hence, it reaches the batsman with less pace as compared to the other types of deliveries.  

Slower Ball Importance

Slower ball in cricket is one of the types of deliveries in which the bowler bowls the ball with slow speed to deceive the batsman. In this age, the T20 game is rising day by day. The batsman becomes more aggressive, and they tend to deal with the ball at its peak.

 So mastery of a variety of deliveries is essential for a bowler.

 Slower balls are a way to get wickets. In T20 cricket or limited-over cricket, this ball is very useful. When the bowler tries to produce variation in his bowling balls, it provides an edge to the bowler over the batsman. 

Usually the batsman plays the shot too early according to fast balls, but when the bowlers tend to bowl slower balls, the batsman often misses it. He cannot play the shot on time. 

This ball caused a disruption in the batsman’s rhythm. It is also one of the major reasons for uncertainty. 

How do I bowl slower balls in cricket?

There are some methods that help you when you are trying to bowl slower balls during a match. Let’s learn it!

Some highlighted points are mentioned below that will definitely help you deliver slower balls during a match to give a hick to the batsman.

  1. First, focus on your fast bowling delivery when you try to bowl slower balls in cricket.
  2. Next, you have full command to grip the ball and deliver it in the same way as you deliver fastballs, but there is a minor delivery difference.
  3. Take your proficient run-up that helps you bowl slower balls.
  4. Then release the ball, and the delivery will naturally become slower.
  5. The last and most vital thing is your practice. After practice, you will be able to gain awareness of how much run-up is beneficial to delivering a slower ball.

How Do I Play Slower Ball?

Have you watched Match earlier? If your answer is yes, you will be aware that, mostly in T20 and ODI matches, the bowler bowls a slower ball in death overs.  

So if you are a batsman, prepare yourself to play slower balls during death overs. 

There are a few points that help you play slower ball in cricket. 

Keep Your Eye On Bowler Grip

When the bowler is holding the ball, notice his ball gripping. However, in this way, you can predict which type of delivery he is now bowling. 

Maintain Body Position

Maintain your body in a stable position. Your head should be stable, and your stance should be in a comfortable position. 

Never Play Pre-Determined Shots

The very important and basic thing is that you shouldn’t play that you shot what you were thinking. So play the short according to the type of delivery. 

Your Focus To Play is Not Only Boundary

So when you hit the slower ball, your focus area to deliver the ball should not only be the boundary. Play the shot and try to take runs. This will really prove to be a better option for you. 

Some Slower Balls in Cricket 

There are a lot of deliveries that have slow speeds. If you get command on those deliveries, you will be able to bowl slower balls in cricket. There are some names for the slower deliveries:

  1. slower bouncer
  2. off cutter
  3. leg cutter
  4. back-of-the hand deliveries
  5. knuckle ball

3 Most Common Slower Balls 

There are three of the most common slower balls in cricket. 

Off cutter 

This is an amazing delivery in the field of cricket. Off-cutter is a skill that helps you take wickets. If you want to get a command on this delivery, you can go to my post, “Off Cutter in Cricket.” In this post, you can get step-by-step awareness about how to bowl off a cutter in cricket.

 Leg cutter 

 It is also an interesting variation in the delivery in which slower balls play a role. The ball moves away from the off stump. Let’s learn how to bowl a leg cutter in cricket. 


For this bowling, your ball grip is one of the most vital things. To deliver a knuckleball, you must be aware of the delivery techniques. For this detailed awareness, you can go to this link on how to bowl a knuckle ball in cricket. 

Bottom lines

I hope you have gotten enough information about slower balls in cricket. This ball is really valuable because it is the major part of many deliveries like knuckle balls, off-cutters, leg cutters, and many others.   


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