Types of Cricket Shots With Best Techniques & Drills

There are different types of cricket shots and  a successful batsman is one who can make good decisions about shot selection. All types of shots depend on line and length. For more scoring, you should have command on all shots.

So if you are new to cricket and are not familiar with all the types of cricket shorts, then let us access them through this article. Moreover, if you want to get complete information on all types of shorts then this article is for you.

List of Different Types of Shots In Cricket

Some different types of cricket shots are the drives, cuts, glances, pulls, hooks, or sweeps. In modern cricket, unorthodox shots like pull shot ramp, shot switch hit, scoop shot, and helicopter shot.  In this article we are going to discuss 7 most common shots, techniques, mistakes and drills. 

Let’s have a glance !

Back Foot Defense In Cricket

A shot for a ball slightly outside the off stump,  the middle stump or off-stump is called a backfoot defense. On the other hand, back up defense is done for slightly short length balls.

Techniques for back foot defense In Cricket

  • Back and across foot movement

After judging the line and length of the up ball, the first thing to note is the movement of the feet in the back full defense. After that your feet should go back and across. Back and across will mean these feet will go slightly to the side and cover all three of your stumps.

  • Shoulder and head should be side on

Shoulder should be side on and the head up, there should not be an open chest, many players do it, the ball goes up and then takes the edge it goes into the keeper’s hand. 

  • Elbow should be straight and high

Keep your elbows high when playing back foot defense.

  • Bat, ball and head should be in straight line

The important thing to do while shooting this is that bat the ball and the head are in same line 

 try as much as possible to play above the ball.

  • Get on the top of the ball

 You should try as much as possible to play above the ball.

Side Angle For Backfoot In Cricket

 The important thing during side angle for back foot is that the bat should be slanted. It should not be straight. 

  • Mistakes In backfoot defense
  •  First mistake that batsmen often make is that their Crosses don’t go well, they don’t cover their stumps well, they back pack and it gives them an edge.   In this way, the ball can be caught then can be done to the keeper.
  •  The second mistake many of you make is that they get bent from below. it’s back foot defense, you have to climb on top of the ball .

Drills for backfoot defense In Cricket

There are three drinks for backfoot defense

  1. Shadow practice
  2. Hanging ball
  3. Ball feeding

Straight Drive In Cricket

Techniques for Straight Drive In Cricket

  1. Straight or still head

Many batsmen worry that their head drops while batting. The reason behind that is their stance is not correct. The distance between your feet should be exactly shoulder width apart and your weight should be in the exact center of the foot, neither on the toes nor too far behind the foot. Your eyes should be straight. In this way, your head will be in a still position.

2. Front foot

You should keep your front foot straight and close to the ball.

3. Bat face

Bat face should be straight while playing straight drive.

4. Swing ball

This technique is for right hand batsman,  your top hand should be tight while your bother hand bears weight 

5. Elbow movement

While playing straight drive, keep your elbow high. 

Mistakes in Straight Drive In Cricket

  • Elbow is not high
  • Bat face position incorrect
  • Head is unstable

Drills for Straight Drive In Cricket

  • Take two chairs and try to play in the center of these chairs. This will help you a lot to improve your straight drive.
  • Practice on a daily basis.

Front Foot Defense In Cricket

A shot played for a good length ball is called front foot defense.

Techniques for Front Foot Defense In Cricket

  1. Carefully take stance

Firstly, you should take a stance

  1. Head straighten with ball

your head should go straight with the ball.

  1. Defend accurately

While playing front foot defense, defend the ball in a good way.

Mistakes in Front Foot Defense In Cricket

  1. Gap in bat and pad
  2. Head, bat and ball not in line position
  3. Head and knee relation
  4. Bottom hand should be loose

Drills for Front Foot Defense In Cricket

  • Keep the ball on a cone and practice.
  • Practice with friends.

Cover Drive In Cricket In Cricket

A cover drive is a stylish shot played by a batsman in cricket during which he hits the ball straight down the ground to the off-side of the field. 

Techniques for Cover Drive In Cricket

  1. Foot inside of the ball

The foot should be inside of the ball while playing cover drive.

  1. Weight transfer

After you make a stance, at the point of shot bend your knee thi will help you to transfer your body weight. Hence, the body gets a stable position.

  1. Shoulder and head go in line 

Make sure your head and shoulder are lined with the ball.

  1. Top hand dominant

 In cover drive, your top hand is dominated.

Mistakes in Cover Drive In Cricket

  • Talking about this, most of the batsmen make mistakes quickly and play the ball on the wrong line and length.
  • The second point to be made is a very important point. In this, all the batsmen of Mostly Up drop their heads. They do not go to the line of the ball. Due to this you can’t judge ball direction.

Drills for Cover Drive In Cricket

  1. Shadow practice
  2. Practice with partner

You can get more valuable information about cover drive through this link cover drive in cricket

Sweep Shot In Cricket

Techniques for Sweep Shot In Cricket

  • Front foot should be close to ball

When you take stance your front foot should be close to the bal in this way you can easily play this shot.

  • Knee grounded

While hitting the bat with the ball keep your knee bent or touch the ground. It acts as a base for your body and plays an essential role to maintain or stabilize your body weight.

  • Bottom hand dominant

In sweep shot, your bottom hand is dominant as compared to top hand. 

Mistakes in Sweep Shot In Cricket

  • Play in air or don’t roll the bat
  • Head don’t move with body
  • Don’t wear helmet 

Drills for Seep Shot In Cricket

  • Shadow practice 
  • Cone drill
  • Drop ball with friend.

Reverse Sweep In Cricket

Techniques for Reverse Sweep Shot In Cricket

  • Front foot movement

Front foot moves out so that you come close to the ball and play reverse sweep shot.

  • For grounded shot

While playing this shot your bat should be above the ball. If bat would be upward or above then you can play grounded shot

  • Selection of thigh pad

      The most important thing you should keep in mind is selection of thigh pad. These pad          should be lighter weight and small in size. 

Mistakes in Reverse Shot In Cricket

  • Do not wear helmet 
  • Can’t maintain flexibility of hand
  •  Pad are overweight 

Drills for Seep Shot In Cricket

  • Shadow practice 
  • Cone drill

Slog Sweep In Cricket

You can easily beat a fast spinner bowler if you have full command on slog sweep shots 

It may be difficult but this shot is wonderful and gives the top level of potential to the game. This shot is very important against spinners.

Techniques for slog sweep shot In Cricket

  • Body balance

While playing sweep shot down your knee, this will help you a lot to improve your body balance. Front leg knee slightly bend on the other hand back leg knee fully bent so that center of gravity remained low.

  • Head position

Head should be in a stable position. There will be equilibrium in body posture so that you can easily perform slog sweep shots.

  • Full bat swing

The bat swings fully while kicking with the ball. Full bat swing is an important feature of slog sweep shots.

  • Underarm throw down sweep practice

The best practice to improve your slog sweep practice is underarm throw down. This not only improves your skills but also you will be capable of playing this short with confidence.

 Mistakes in Slog Sweep Shot In Cricket

  • Body position is not maintained, balance of body disturbed this is a big mistake that players often make while playing sweep shot. 
  • Poper practice is required for sweep shots. Without practice you can’t get full access on this shot.

Drills For Sweep Shot In Cricket

  • Shadow practice
  • Do this shot with spinner

Bottom lines:

Types of batting shots in cricket are an interesting thing that add charm to this game.  If you are a cricket enthusiast and have a keen interest in cricket matches, then you must have noticed plenty of cricket shots. A good batsman specializes in all types of cricket shorts

I hope you have a huge awareness of the types of cricket shots as well as their techniques. You can get more knowledge regarding cricket through these links, which are given below.