What is Inswinger Delivery In Cricket? How To Bowl Inswinger In Cricket

An inswinger is a delivery that swings toward the batsman’s body and wicket. It is an amazing type of delivery. The ball swings in two ways, such as outswing and inswing. The outswinger moves away from the wicket and batter line.

Moreover, swing bowler bowl inswinger delivery It is a bowling technique that, with the use of this method, you can get a right-handed batsman out LBW. It stands for leg before wicket. If you want to raise awareness about LBW, you can go to the link for LBW rules in cricket. Moreover, this swing can also cause difficulty for left-handed batsmen. 

How Do You Bowl a Great Inswinger?

You have to get a proper understanding of inswinger delivery. You need proper practice for a good swing. Moreover, there are some ways that will help you bowl inswingers in cricket. Below, I describe a step-by-step guide to bowl inswing in cricket. 

Basic Steps To Bowl Inswinger 

Following are the basic steps to deliver excellent inswinger delivery with proper techniques. There are two methods of bowling, one side-on and the other front-on.

Front-on Bowler Delivery Method 

First, clear the concept for the front-on bowler delivery method! 

Ball holding

If you are a front-on bowler, hold it in such a way that the seam will be vertical. So the ball has the seam straight up and down. For this ball, grip the first two fingers on the top of the ball seam. the position of the thumb on the seam underneath the ball.

However, Shiny Half of the ball will be away from the batsman. On the other hand, the rough half of the batsman is in the swing position.    

Run-up technique

The best rup-up technique to deliver in swing in cricket is that it should be speedy. Basically, the run-up determines the momentum of the swing. If the run-up is good or fast, the momentum will be superb. The bowler tries to prepare himself to approach the crease quickly. 

The run-up also plays a role in achieving ball velocity. It also determines the control of your body, ball, and posture. As we are dealing with front-on bowling, a high-speed run-up is essential.

The run-up technique is not all about speed to deliver an inswinger. Although the length of the run-up is also vital to understand, for this you need practice. Your practice teaches you how much run time is efficient. First, bowl the ball from different distances and angles. Then notice the run-up length and angle that are suitable for you. 

Interestingly, it is your personal choice about the run-up length. So, practice and find the perfect run-up length for you. 

During the run-up, bend your back; this will give your delivery huge momentum.  

Foot Movement

Footwork is a very important thing to deliver an excellent inswinger. Let’s learn about accurate foot movement. Usually, a front-on bowler in the last step of delivery moves their feet in the direction of the wicket.

Although both feet are positioned in the same direction, your back foot provides leverage for you. More importantly, the back foot is your dominant foot. Now you are thinking about which foot should be dominant. The answer is that for a left-handed bowler, the left foot works as the back foot. In the same way, right-handed bowlers use their right foot as the dominant or back foot.  

Body Position

As the foot position is essential, the same body position also matters to deliver a good swing in cricket. The shoulder and hip positions are wider. It means these body parts are open with an angle of 180 degrees. Further, the non-bowling hand position before the inswinger delivers is vertical.  

Way of Ball-Releasing

Keep the correct position of your grip while delivering the inswinger. The point to note is that the bowling arm should be straight or bent. Make sure that your wrist position is relaxed during the delivery of the ball. If you want to produce the maximum swing, then try to release the ball’s highest possible point. Further, nonbowling arm moves downward which wil enhance the power of the delivery.  Anyhow, run through the crease and deliver an amazing inswinger. 

Side-on Bowler Delivery Method

Finally, we are going to cover the steps to deliberating the inswinger for the side-on bowler. 

Ball Holding

If you are a side-on bowler, grip the ball so that it is facing toward the leg position during delivery. The middle finger touches the seam while the two fingers are on top of the ball and close to each other.

 Meanwhile, your thumb provides support for the ball on the bottom of the inswinger ball. Moreover, the shiny or glowing part of the ball should be away from the batsman.

Run-up technique

As I have clarified above, the run-up length is your choice; it is up to you how much run-up is comfortable and efficient for you. To determine this, you have to practice. Practice or training can lead to a good run-up.

Basically, the run-up role is to provide momentum and velocity to the deliveries; moreover, the point to note is that side-on bowlers usually use a slow run-up as compared to front-on bowlers.

Foot movement

Your foot movement helps you get control over your delivery. As you are an on-side bowler, your foot position is such that they should be parallel to each other. Actually, the weight of your body is on your foot while delivering the inswinger. 

Ensure the width between your feet is comfortable—not too much or too close. Most of the weight of your foot is on the back foot. 

Body position

To produce a good swing on the ball, ensure you are in a comfortable body position. Your body posture really impacts your inswinger. Try to rotate your front arm high. Moreover, the ball should be close to your head in your bowling hand. 

Way of Ball-Releasing

The arm through which you deliver the ball is straight rather than bent. The delivery method is the same as the front-on delivery method. Anyhow, bend the back to give momentum to the inswinger. 

This is all about inswinger delivery. I hope you enjoyed this post. But proper practice is essential to delivering excellent inswingers.  


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