Doosra Ball in Cricket: What is Doosra Ball And Steps To Bowl Doosra Ball

A doosra ball in cricket is a delivery that boosts the game. An ideal bowler has capability on a lot of deliveries, such as Googly, Teesra, doosra, fastball, and many more. If you want to get command of different varieties of deliveries, this post is definitely for you. In this article, I have explained the doosra ball in cricket, which will definitely help you.

Before we talk about doosra in cricket, let me tell you about other varieties of deliveries. If you want to get full command of Yorker or have a desire to bowl Yorker, you can go to this link. Yorker in cricket. 

Anyhow, to bowl a jaffa ball in cricket, you can go to the links about jaffa in cricket. However, the learning or understanding of these deliveries is not very easy; just practice is required. 

Although in this post I have valuable content about Doosra Ball, which will prove very helpful for you,

What is Doosra Ball in Cricket?

Dossra means, in Urdu, the second or other one. It is basically another delivery in cricket that confuses the batsman and leaves him in a complex situation.

However, let’s take a look at the definition of the doosra ball in cricket!

A specific delivery in cricket by an off-spin bowler that spins in the opposite direction to an off-break is called doosra in cricket. The basic purpose of this delivery is to dismiss the shot.  

The doosra in cricket came on the cricket ground by Pakistani domestic cricketer Prince Aslam Khan.

More importantly, this ball got famous from Pakistani international player Saqlain Mushtaq. It is a legal delivery. It is worth noting that there is no permission for many bowlers, such as Johan Botha and Shane Shillingford, to bowl doosra balls in cricket. Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan, Indian Harbhajan Singh, and South African Johan Botha showed surprising bowling with doosra delivery in international cricket. 

Origin of Doosra in Cricket

The origin of Doosra is attributed to Moin Khan, who is the former Pakistani wicketkeeper. Actually, he called from behind the stumps to Saqlain Mushtaq to bowl Doosra during the match. The spin bowler confirmed this delivery in an interview.

The Tony Greig commentator focused on this word in the game, which is why today this delivery is known as doosra ball in cricket. He linked the word doosra to the game. As a result, this term has now become part of the cricket sport. Further doosra delivery is the basic characteristic of the spin bowler. 

How Do You Bowl Doosra in Cricket?

If you are a beginner in cricket or obsessed with cricket, you must have heard the word doosra in cricket. as we have discussed earlier, doosra is a type of delivery in cricket that describes the batsman. It usually bowls off the spinner during the match.

As you have learned some about doosra in cricket, you are thinking about how to bowl doosra in cricket. Don’t worry; there are not many tough tasks in the game regarding doosra in cricket. These steps I mentioned below You can follow them for easy understanding.  

Steps to Bowl Doosra in Cricket

Here I have mentioned the top-best methods to play doosra in the sport of cricket. It is a step-by-step guide, so be prepared to learn it. 

Ball holding

To deliver a doosra ball in cricket, hold it as fast as you bowl. The position of your index and middle fingers on either side of the seam

Moreover, the index finger above touches the seam; in this way, your control may improve. The role of the thumb is just to provide support. Although it does not play a vital role to play doosra in cricket, 

Positions for Bowling, Doosra

The correct position really matters to bowl doosra delivery in cricket. First, your bowling arm should be close to the head for bowling. If you don’t know how much you can bend the arm to deliver a doosra ball in cricket, the angle of the bent arm is approximately 15 degrees. An important point is that if the angle increases by 15 degrees, it is considered illegal in the sport of cricket. The position of the wrist is that way, with your palm facing left.  

Step-Forward Movement

When you take a step forward to bowl Doosra in cricket, your movement should be stable. non-dominant foot is also helpful for you to deliver the doosra ball. The toe is pointed, and position the leg on your bowling side. It is essential that the feet be aligned. 

Anyhow, the rotation of the tarso also plays a role during forward movement. 

Suppose a person bowls with his right hand; his tarso should face right.

Non-Bowling Arm Movement

Non-bowling arm movement maintains stability during bowling doosra in cricket. Ok, let’s learn how you move your non-bowling arm. First, move your arm above your head to rotate your shoulder. then bend the elbow of this arm. After this, position your forearm and hand of the non-bowling arm against your bowling arm.

Leg Positions

Leg position is also a matter when bowling doosra ball in cricket. Firstly, raise your thigh with the help of your shin and foot on your non-bowling side. Secondly, try to make a 135-degree angle in this position. Then step forward with your foot on the ground. 

Ball Delivery

Ok, this is the last step to delivering the ball. The index finger moves downward over the ball. When you release the ball, bend your elbow and wrist inward. So spin the doosra ball and deliver it to the batsman. 

Famous Bowlers of Doosra Ball in cricket History

There are some famous players who delivered doosra balls and made their name. Here is a list of some famous bowlers:

BowlerCountryCareer Span
Muttiah MuralitharanSri Lanka1992-2011
Harbhajan SinghIndia1998-2016
Saqlain MushtaqPakistan1995-2004
Shoaib MalikPakistan1999-present
Johan BothaSouth Africa2005-2012


Doosra in cricket is mostly unplayable, which deceives the batsman. But to get full command of this delivery, you have to practice. The use of drills and practice improves your efficiency in delivering doosra in cricket.

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