What Is Bouncer Ball in Cricket And How To Bowl Bouncer And Rules

In the sport of cricket, there are a lot of varieties of deliveries such as bouncer, ball yorker, jaffa, doosra, and more. If you are a cricket enthusiast you must have command of these deliveries to get efficiency in bowling.

 In this post, I am going to explain your bouncer in cricket. Through this article, you can get an idea about what bouncer delivery, is the rules for bouncers, how to bowl bouncer balls as well as famous bouncers, and many more interesting things. 

What is a Bouncer in cricket?

In cricket, a bouncer is an aggressive delivery that is short-pitched. It usually bounces once and then reaches the height of the batsman’s throat. Moreover, it is often bowled by fast bowlers. 

Moreover, if the batsman has less experience, this delivery can prove very difficult for him. Further, he can be removed from the game. On the other hand, a bouncer ball can prove beneficial for an aggressive batsman. 

The point to note is that the batsman attacked the bouncer ball by playing a hook shot. This shot helps a lot to play a valuable shot and make runs.   

This is a legal delivery. But if the ball does not bounce with the pitch, it is called a beamer. Beamer is an illegal delivery in cricket.  

How Do I Bowl a Bouncer?

This is one of the most interesting deliveries in cricket. So every cricketer wants to try it. If you are a beginner in cricket and want to get a grip on this bowling strategy, proper training is required. You can get the hang of this delivery with proper practice. 

However, Here I have Mentioned Some Basic Points That will Help You a Lot To Deliver Bouncer Balls.

Target point 

The most important thing you should keep in mind while bowling a bouncer ball is your aim. If you want to deliver a bouncer ball, your target area should be the throat height or rising. Because when the ball goes to the head height of the batsman, he can’t play it well. Then there are a lot of chances that the batsman will be out.

Bowl bouncer quick and hardly 

More interestingly, the ball you bowl should touch hardly with the pitch, then it can go to the height of the batsman’s head. Moreover, the pitch area for bouncing is also essential. 

Now you are thinking about how effective the pitch is or what rule it plays while delivering the bouncer.

 Don’t worry, I am going to explain it clearly. There are different types of pitches. On some pitches a slight efforts can lead to hardly hitting with the pitch. While some require to deliver with full energy. 

Perfect length on the pitch

 For delivering you should not bounce it in a short length area of the pitch. if you not bowl it with enough pace then it bounce like a tennis ball.

 Consequently, it is more easy for batsman to play shot. So, the knowlege of correct area is require to bowl bouncer delivery. 

Bouncer ball a surprise delivery 

To deliver a bouncer ball during a match you should deliver it in a surprise way. Okay! Let me tell you what is a surprise way to deliver it. Actually, it means that don’t deliver a bouncer ball is consistent. Deliver it when the batsman is not in more concentration. 

Moreover, deliver it between varieties of delieris. In this way the batsman have no idea aout the type of delivery you are going to deliver so he do not prepare himself earlier. 

Proper practice

It is difficult to get an idea to bowl on the same area of the pitch for a bouncer ball that is required for beginners. But proper training and practice is the only key that makes you proficient in bowling bouncer in cricket.

 When you train yourself for this surprising delivery then there will be minor chances of mistakes in this type of delivery. Further, there is more chance that the bowling side will prove dominant to the batting team.

 So, prepare yourself for proper training and practice it with a proper schedule for this delivery. 

Bouncer Rules in Cricket

There are several rules regarding bouncers in cricket. Different rules for different forms of cricket. Moreover, rules related number of bouncers and no ball bouncers as well as when the number of bouncers exceeds the limit are parents. When you know about cricket rules then you will be more able to get command of the game of cricket.  

Bouncer Rule in ODI

According to the 1994 bouncer law of cricket, there was only one bouncer allowed in an over. While as time passed the rule was changed. In the 2012 law, the two bouncers will become part of an over in ODI matches. 

Bouncers Rule in Test Matches

Test matches are the longest form of the game so the number of bouncers really impact. According to cricket rules, two bouncers are allowed in test matches or all first class cricket.

Bouncers Rule in T20 cricket

As T20 is the shortest form of cricket so there is only one bouncer is allowed. Basically, it is a correct balance between the ball and the bat.

Bouncer No Ball Rule in cricket

There are several rules of cricket according to them the ball can coincide with ano ball rule. These two aspects are the following:

  • The ball is a no-ball when the bouncer ball moves above the height of the batsman. So, this will be a no-ball in cricket.
  • If the restriction of the bouncer is not in consideration then the ball bounce by the bouncer can be considered as no ball. It is basically a law for one-off bouncers.
  • Moreover the ball will call as a no ball if the number of delivers by bouncer exceeded. For example in a T20 cricket if a second bouncer will come to deliver the ball then it is considered a no ball. Because as i have explained above that only one bouncer is allowed to bowl bouncer in cricket. 

The best Bouncers in Cricket

Following are the names of some top best bouncer in cricket. 

  1. Merv Hughes
  2. Shoaib Akhtar
  3. Steve Harmison
  4. Curtly Ambrose
  5. Craig McDermott
  6. Jeff Thomson
  7. Allan Donald
  8. Michael Holding
  9. Joel Garner
  10. Malcolm Marshall
  11. Courtney Walsh
  12. Brett Lee

Why is a Bouncer Called a Bumper?

A bumper means a jolting collision and hit. So in bouncer delivery, the ball hardly hits the pitch the moves to the batsman so may be perhaps it is known as a bumper. On the other hand, there is no official reason to call a bouncer a bumper.

 Anyhow, sometimes commentators use the word bumper in replace of bouncer in cricket. 

King of Bouncer

Shoaib Akhtar Pakistani fast bowler is the king of this surprising delivery. He is famous due to his fast bowling in cricket even in international games. Moreover, Jeff Thomson an Australian player is also good in this delivery. But Shouib is superb. 

Negative Impact of the Bouncer

The negative point of this delivery is that it can become the cause of injury or even death. As it delivers a fast bowler in a very aggressive way, it can hit the chest, neck, or head effectively.

Anyhow, it usually focuses on the upper part of the body and leads to injuries. Anyhow, according to cricket laws, this delivery is allowed in cricket with a limit. 

A Past Overview of Bouncer Injuries

In past history, there have been a lot of players who were effective with this aggressive delivery. There are some incidents, and you can get an idea from them: 

  • Indian cricket captain Nari Contractor suffered severe injuries above his right ear. Charlie Grifth gave a bouncer a delivery to the Indian captain. Charlie lost a lot of blood. As it hit above his ear, he faced unconsciousness for approximately six days. Further, he returned to first-class cricket after ten months. 
  • Moreover, in 2006, Justin Langer, an Australian opener, was hospitalized due to a bouncer delivery on the head. It was delivered by Makhaya Ntini while playing the 100th test.  
  • In 2008, during a test match, West Indies batter Shivnarine Chanderpaul was hit by fast bowler Brett Lee of Australia through his bouncer. 
  • In 2003, Gary Kirsten had to be taken out of the field when he was injured by a bouncer. At that time, Shoaib Akhtar delivered a fast bouncer. 
  • In 2004, Shoaib Akhtar injured Brain Lara with an aggressive bouncer. 
  • Jofra Archer bowled a bouncer delivery, and it was hit with the chin of Alex Carey. As a result, he suffered an injury in the semi-finals of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. 


I hope you have enjoyed this amazing delivery in this complete guide. You know, that delivery will really prove beneficial not only for you but also for the bowling team. There are a lot of posts I have written in which I clearly explained all cricket terms bowling faster, different deliveries, and as well as batting tips.

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Moreover, as a beginner or cricket enthusiast you are already familiar with the importance of such techniques so get more knowledge through these links which I mentioned below. 


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