Everything You Need To Know About ‘ Cricket Googly Ball’

Everything You Need To Know About Cricket Googly Ball

What is a Googly Ball in Cricket?

A googly ball is a wicket-taking delivery that a leg-spinner bowler usually bowls to a right-handed batsman. Googly ball in cricket falls on the off side and the spin is on the leg side.

Normally a right-arm leg spinner’s ball falls leg-side and spins off-side for a right-handed batsman, but in a googly ball it is reversed.

The word googly ball is derived from googie, the children’s name given to an egg, because of the direction of bounce.

If you are a spinner then knowing googly ball is very important for you so let us know about googly ball in cricket.

How to Spin a Cricket Googly Ball?

How to Spin a Cricket Googly Ball

Follow these steps and their instruction to spin the googly ball:


In order to spin the googly ball in a cricket match, it is very important to grip it correctly. When holding the ball, two fingers are up and two fingers are down.

The index and middle fingers are above the ball and the gap between them should not be too large or too small.

While the little and ring fingers are below, the purpose is only to provide support. The thumb doesn’t have much of a roll, it’s also used for support.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there should be a finger gap between the ball and the palm.

Another important thing is that the ball should not be tightly held.If the ball is gripped tightly, it will not spin.

Run Up

The ball should be delivered from the same distance so that the rhythm is maintained, if the distance is not the same then the rhythm will not come. 

There should be a run-up for five to 10 steps. If you like to bowl with a short run-up, you can take a five-step run up. 

So, one important thing that you need to know is that we always take the startup step-slow. Then the ball should be delivered normally. 

One key characteristic of a good spinner is that he tries to build momentum from the run.


For a cricket googly ball you need to know when and how to release the ball. Ball always releases from the back of the hand.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that your ear should touch your upper arm while spinning the ball.

Googly Ball Inventor

The inventor of the googly ball was an English cricketer Bernard James Tindal Bosanquet. The all-round cricketer was first introduced to it during his time at Oxford in the 1900s. 

In 1904 he earned his coin for his bowling. At that time, he took eight wickets for 107 runs in the first test against Australia.

Deceive ball

A googly ball is a type of deceptive delivery in cricket. When it is thrown it looks like a leg break but after pitching it goes the other way apparently to deceive the ball cricketer which plays an important role in the winning.

Best Googly Bowlers Players List In Cricket History

Shane Warne 

Shane Warne is a well-known Googly player who took 1001 international wickets during his career. His name in cricket is incomplete without Googly bowler.

Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir Khan is an international Pakistani cricketer. As the name of a googly bowler, the name Apna has been discussed and flags have been raised all over the world.

In the nineties, Abdul Qadeer Khan appeared in 104 ODI matches and 67 Tests.

Mushtak Ahmad

Mushtaq Ahmed who is known all over the world as a wrist spinner had a perfect skill in googly ball. Mushtaq Ahmed, who represents the Pakistan team, won the Cricket World Cup in 1992.

Anil Kumbal

The Anil Kumble also created a lot of impressions with the googly ball in cricket. Anil Kumble is known as an Indian player.

Adil Rashid

Adeel Rashid, who is an English cricketer, has made his name in the most  googly balls. Both the red ball level and the white ball format continue to hold their own.

B.J.T Bosanquet

The most important name that Googly would be incomplete without mentioning is B.J.T Bosanquet. He is credited with discovering the Googly Ball.


After all this discussion of cricket Googly ball, we conclude that it plays an important role in cricket. However, As a professional googly ball can prove to be the reason for winning the match by cheating Batman in cricket.

More importantly, it is very beneficial for a spinner to master the skill of a googly cricket ball.


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