What is Reverse Swing in Cricket? Basic Steps To Deliver Reverse Swing  

What is Reverse Swing in Cricket Basic Steps To Deliver Reverse Swing

A reverse swing refers to a swing in which the ball moves in the same direction as compared to a conventional swing, in which the ball moves in the opposite direction. Pace bowlers usually produce a reverse swing on the old ball.

In this swing, the ball moves in the opposite direction when we talk about the usual swing, so the batsman becomes confused regarding the delivery. Reverse swing in cricket has a very significant effect on the sport of cricket, but the key is to use it in the right way.

In the modern age, T20 cricket is rising around the world. In limited cricket, the batsman has more beneficial points than the bowler. If you notice, the new rules in cricket provide more favorable things for the batting team.

 On the other hand, the main and key bowlers can astonish and confuse the batting team to make scores. For becoming an ideal and efficient bowler, knowledge and skill of the reverse swing are very important. Consequently, the bowler needs to be more skilled in the present day.

There is a lot of variation present in the deliveries.

Here is a complete guide for you on the reverse swing in cricket. Moreover, in this age, reverse swing delivery is a very hot topic. It is more popular but difficult to read, and batsmen often miss the ball when it comes to the reverse swing. 

Let’s discuss reverse swing thoroughly!

What is the Meaning of a Reverse Swing in Cricket?

The swing that the ball produces leads to outswingers, inswingers, and reverse swingers. Before we go to the reverse swing, let’s go to the topic of outswingers as well as inswingers.

Outswinger is a type of delivery when the ball moves away from the batsman. For complete guidance, you can go to this post on outswingers in cricket. 

Furthermore, inswinger is also a variation in the delivery in which the ball moves toward the batsman and off the stump. 

Anyhow, more knowledge about reverse swing and bowling techniques is available at this link: inswinger. Okay, now cover the definition of reverse swing in cricket!

A cricket ball typically swings on the side that is shiny; however, in the game, a ball swinging on the opposite side that is shiny is referred to as a reverse swing. 

During normal swing bowling, the bowler uses a new ball in cricket, while in reverse swing bowling, the bowler relies on an old ball. 

Hence. The smooth side of the ball faces the right-handed batsman. 

How To Bowl Reverse Swing In Cricket?

For bowling every delivery in cricket, awareness of specific techniques and methods is very essential. Here are the basic steps that will definitely help you: It will prove beneficial and provide you with an introduction to learning the delivery of the reverse swing. 

Steps to Bowl Reverse Swing

These steps are given below. Let’s quickly get access!

Ball Holding

Grip the ball in that way, seam pointing toward the slip fielders. The slip fielders are one of the major fielding positions; they stand on the back side of the wicketkeeper. 

So line the pitch while delivering, and make sure it does not present any sign of change in your delivery to the batsman. 

A major thing to note is that the rough side of the cricket ball is toward the batsman. Alternatively, the shiny side of the ball is away from the batsman. Simply put, the shiny side will face in the opposite direction. 

Approximately after 27 or 30 overs of ball play, start to play reverse swing bowling to deceive the batsman. 

Keeping The Ball Polished

Keep one side of the ball polished after five overs. And the other side left to polish will have wrinkles and tears. This also helps you improve the efficiency of your delivery. For this, you can get saliva or sweat from your body.

 An easy way to polish the ball is to remove the sweat from your forehead and wet your hand with it. Moreover, there are many more options to wet your hands. For example, you can get sweat from your neck, spinal area, or underarm. 

But an essential thing you need to know is that if you want to wet or polish your ball, it is illegal. There will be chances to apply penalties, or you can get out of the game. 

Movement for Reverse Swing

Your wrist position plays a major role in the reverse swing. Okay, let’s learn about the wrist position. First, make sure your wrist is at an angle of between 20 and 30 degrees. Then move your wrist back in that way to lock it in place. The purpose of this is that it helps the ball roll off your finger.  

Reverse Swing Delivery 

For delivery, there are some vital things to note. The first reverse swing can do its job only when you bowl the ball with maximum speed; otherwise, it cannot. Bowl the ball at 130km per hour. That is a tip to note your speed. 

Anyhow, follow thoroughly your bowling arm; it ends on the opposite side of the body. 


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