What is An off Cutter in Cricket? Basic Steps To Bowl off-Cutter

An off cutter is an effective variation in delivery or a slow ball that surprises the batsman. Let’s cover all concepts, such as what an off-cutter is in cricket and how to bowl it. 

Definition of an off Cutter In Cricket

Off cutter is a combination of two words: off and cutter. The reason behind this name is because, during this delivery, the ball moves away from the off side. Fast bowlers deliver this type of delivery. Off cutter pitches on off stump and moves toward leg stump. In limited over cricket, this delivery is usually used as a slow ball. 

The type of pitch impacts the delivery. The role of cutters in cricket is more important when the pitch has a rough surface. Moreover, off-cutting becomes more meaningful when the ball lands on cracks. Because the surface that is rough and contains cracks produces considerable deviation in the ball, this type of pitch grips the seam and stops the reverse rotation in the ball. 

Further, most players use the crack created by bowling cutters in the test matches. If you are thinking about what the meaning of the use of cracks is, it means that the bowler tries to pitch the ball on cracks.

How To Bowl off-Cutter in Cricket?

There are some basic points that help you to bowl off cutter in cricket. You can make this delivery by following the instructions and using some methods that will improve your efficiency. 

Ball Gripping

For a good delivery, ensure that the way you hold the ball is accurate. Ball gripping for bowling off cutters is one of the basics that ensures the accuracy of your delivery.

The finger position of ball gripping is as following:

  • Index finger on the seam. 
  • Middle finger on the right side of the seam. 
  • The thumb grips the ball from below and supports the ball. 

Ball Turning

The ball turns into an off-stump and produces an off spin motion in the ball. This turning is like turning a doorknob clockwise. More importantly, the ball turns from the off stump toward the leg and middle stump. 

Moreover, hold the grip when you are running on the pitch, then see the batsman and bowl the ball at the target area or point. 

Body Position

Fingers play an important role in generating off-spin on the ball. Hold the ball when you are moving your arm for bowling. Although the movement of the wrist helps you deliver the ball efficiently, 

The finger position is like this: move your index finger toward your middle finger, then move your middle finger toward your thumb. This step is done when you are trying to roll the ball.  

Ball Releasing

This is the last step to bowl an off cutter in cricket. Roll your fingers by thinking so that they are producing off spin in the ball. The offcutter moves from left to right. Your wrist is also an important element in the release of the ball. 


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