Fast Bowling Grip Conventional Grip, Types And Fast Bowling Sensation

Fast bowling grip is a vital thing for a bowler to give fast deliveries. Basically, it is a way to grip in a technique or method, so it helps you in fast bowling.

If you are a cricket enthusiast or beginner, you will be thinking about gripping the ball. Moreover, you will be astonished to hear that the grip of the ball really matters for different types of deliveries. So, here I am going to drown in your thinking and provide you with the essential knowledge regarding fast bowling grip. 

So, without delay, let’s get the answers or solutions all about the fast bowling grip!

Fast Bowling Grip Explanation 

The method or technique by which a fast bowler grips the ball impacts the speed and movement of his deliveries. That is how methods reveal fast bowling grip. For fast bowling, the grip is crucial. Moreover, the way you grip the ball bowler controls swings, seam movement, and the angle of the seam.

In cricket, a fast bowler can change the map of the game, such as Lance Morris, who is Australian cricket’s latest fast bowling sensation.

Benefits of Accurate Gripping of The Ball

There are some highlighted benefits of the accurate grip of the ball during delivery:

  • The grip has become the reason for the accuracy of bowling in cricket. 
  • If you grip the ball accurately, then you can deliver the ball at the desired length.
  • A secure grip enhances control and consistency during delivery of the ball.
  • It also helps introduce variety in movements.
  • It is a fundamental factor that impacts wrist position during the delivery of the ball in a match.

But now you are thinking about how to grip the ball for fast bowling. Don’t worry; now we are going to learn this grip.

What is The Conventional Fast Bowling Grip?

The more you are worried about the conventional fast bowling grip, the easier the method is. Ok, for fast bowling grip, the middle and index fingers should be alongside. Further, it is parallel to the seam. It should be noted that the width between the fingers should be at a comfortable length. The role of the thumb is to provide support.

Further, the thumb is placed underneath the ball. The role of the ring finger and little finger is also to provide support. But these fingers are slightly bent and support the sides of the ball. Importantly, the group should not be too tight.

Lastly, the ball and the base of the thumb have a small gap. This gap ensures a comfortable position for your wrist during delivery. On the other hand, if the gap is not present, then it causes difficulty in the release of the ball. Moreover, it restricts the wrist’s ability to release the ball. 

For more, there are a majority of people who use this gripping method, but the most important and basic thing is a comfortable position. It means that if you are comfortable while delivering, the gap between the index and middle fingers is slightly wider. 

If you want more complete information, you can go to this post on how to bowl fast. In which I have mentioned some secret tips that will really help you.

Types of Fast Bowling Grip 

The way you grip the ball can lead to versatility in your deliveries. A lot of people use different methods to grip the ball to bowl faster in cricket. It impacts the start point of the ball during delivery because of the introduction of different types of bowling grips for fast bowling in cricket. 

Although there are some types of grips that help you bowl fast in cricket, most fast bowlers use these grips for bowling. 

  1. Basic seam grip
  2. Reverse seam grip
  3. Cross seam grip
  4. Cutter grip
  5. Off cutter grip
  6. Leg cutter grip

Basic Seam Grip

Seam bowling is a form of fast bowling in which you hold the ball with the seam positioned upright. It runs along the middle and index fingers. This ensures a conventional swing in the ball. The ball angle is maintained in such a way that it consequently creates a variety of movements through the air. 

Reverse Seam Grip

The fast bowler uses this type of grip to swing the ball in reverse. The angle of the seam is toward the little finger. For this grip, the shiny side of the ball faces the leg side. But this type of grip requires full command to reverse movement during delivery of the ball.

Cross Seam Grip

 For cross seam grip, the ball is held in your bowling hand in such a way that the seam will be perpendicular to your fingers. Moreover, running across the hand The basic purpose of this grip is to produce remarkable bounce and seam movement off the pitch.

Cutter Grip 

The cutter grip is a slower delivery grip in cricket. For this grip, the bowler holds the ball with the index and middle fingers slightly across the seam. then position the ball to maintain the angle the ball released with the backspin. Moreover, it causes people to deviate off the pitch.  

Off Cutter Grip

It is quite similar to a cutter grip. But the difference is that the seam is angled towards the off side of the bowler. This grip delivers the ball away from the right handed batsman, the right arm bowler.  

Leg Cutter Grip

The leg cutter grip is quite similar to the off cutter grip. But the difference is that the seam angles toward the leg side of the bowler. The combination of movements for this delivery results in a delivery that moves away from the left-handed batsman. 


Overall, the fast bowling grip is a fundamental factor that influences the speed, movement, angle, and length of the delivery. But it should be noted that for bowling, you should have practice and experience with these grips. Bowlers need to practise and notice the effect of these grips in bowling. Then he can practice in a match. 


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