Top 7 Best Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners 

Cricket batting tips awareness and use are very essential if you want to get a command on batting. As you all know that bowling, batting and fielding are basic components of cricket.

Consequently, a batter, bowler and fielder use some specific techniques and tips to enhance his  skills. So, a cricket enthusiast often tries to follow all tips efficiently.

It should be noted here if you are in search of cricket batting tips this article is for you. Moreover, In this post I have mentioned the top best tips which definitely work for you.

Let’s Start To Learn These Cricket Batting Tips Quickly!

Standing Posture

The first thing you should keep in mind is to always adopt a comfortable stance. If you’re left-handed, turn your right side toward the bowler with the bat off to your left side.

On the other hand, if you are right-handed then reverse the direction. Always stand in such posture that the distance between your feet should be equal to shoulder-width. 

However, for bending your body use your hips and keep your back straight. Your shoulder position also impacts your batting. So try to avoid your shoulder moving down and focusing your eyes on the ball.

And keep your eyes at the level of the ball. Left-handed batsman stands sideways on the crease. Alternatively, for the right-handed batsman. In cricket a good stance means it is relaxed, balanced and comfortable. 

Bat Holding Style

A beginner in cricket often has a question: how to grip the bat while batting? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you an easiest and comprehensive way to hold the bat.

Firstly, you should be aware that holding a bat accurately is a very vital and essential thing. Actually, bat holding style determines your shot. It also emphasizes how to swing the bat and make contact with the ball at proper time. 

Always try to hold your bat tightly. There are several types of shots which are played by batman according to the type of  bouncing ball. Delivery also impacts your shot style. To get full access to batting must focus on learning all types of shots.

Your thumb and wrist position should be in good position to grip the bat. Here an important point to note is the position of grip of the bat on different types of shot.

Although, orthodox shot is an ideal shot for gripping the bat. Your hands should be close to each other. Bottom hand and top hand positions also vary. 

Draw line from middle wicket

It is the best cricket batting tip you can use for holding your position in cricket. Draw a line from the bottom of your bat. This line helps you a lot in batting.

Make sure the distance between the bat and the stump. It should be noted that the line is parallel to the middle wicket .The role of this line is to notice where your wicket is when you are batting. By the way, this line is also known as guard line. 

Straighten & Tap The Bat

When you notice that the bowler is ready to throw the ball gird up and straighten the bat without any hesitation.

Confidence also matters when you are playing. So, when you are confident, ready to bounce the ball with the bat, tap the bat on the ground and give a sign to the bowler that you are ready. Ok, but do not tap the bat on the ground too hard.

This will boost your confidence and the bowler can not demotivate you with your glimpse. Try to straighten your bat as much as possible. By following these cricket batting tips you can’t lose your balance and momentum in the game. 

Swing the bat accurately

Swinging the ball accurately is also vital and the best cricket batting tip. The more accurately you swing the ball the more you will be able to make sixes and fours.

The biggest benefit to swing the bat is that it gives momentum to your ball. As bats move back it causes them to increase their momentum.  

the forearm should line up with your shoulders whenever you lift the bat to hit the ball.

Keep eye on the ball

Keeping your yes on the ball during batting is very important. As you missed your eyes there will be a huge chance of getting out of the batsman. On putting sight on the ball moreover helps you to decide.

The type of ball determines the shot.  If you have fully focused on the ball then as soon as the ball comes to you the same as quickly you will decide the type of shot for delivery. 

Practice to Improve Skills

As we all hear, practice makes a man perfect. So for getting full command practicing the different techniques and tips that  help you in batting.

Moreover, practice not only improves your skills but also this will teach you time management. Use drills for getting good scores and runs in each format of cricket. Make sure your practice of above mentioned cricket batting tips.


Cricket batting tips and technique assure you the best path to enhance your cricket skills. Above mentioned tips will help you to get mastery over batting.

As you have learned this post I hope you have enjoyed this article. With cricket batting tips fast bowling tips are also essential to learn.

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