Jaffa in Cricket: How to Bowl a Jaffa Ball? Jaffa Bowling Example And explained 

‘Jaffa in cricket’ this term in the sport of cricket often astonished the cricketers or beginners. They think about what a jaffa is in cricket, what the reason is behind this, and so many more questions. However, cricket is a game with a long fan list.

There are a lot of cricket terms that leave confusion on the faces of cricket enthusiasts. Those terms are cover drive, googly, yorker, slot, backlift, jaffa, death overs, and more. But for a full command of cricket, you should be aware of all cricket terms.

Ok, don’t worry if you have no idea about all these terms. These terms are quite easy to understand. Hare, let me say that once you become aware of these interesting terms, this game will become quite easy for you.

Further, I am going to provide you with a complete guide if you are in search of Jaffa in cricket. Anyhow, you can go to this post for an understanding of “googly in cricket”. Let’s get access to the jaffa in cricket.

What is the Meaning of Jaffa In Cricket?

Jaffa in cricket is basically a delivery that is often unplayable and remarkable. The tip of the delivery is that the batsman usually misses but sometimes plays the ball. Generally, the batsmen edge the ball through the wicketkeeper

Anyhow, when the bowler bowls the jaffa, the fielding team shows much excitement. And commentators also show his enthusiasm. On the other hand, the batsman becomes confused regarding the delivery. 

 Although there is no exact definition of jaffa in the sport of cricket that covers all the meanings of jaffa,  

Earlier, jaffa and corker were considered the same name. The commentators consider it the same thing; sometimes they mention jaffa, and sometimes they mention corker. But as time passes, the commentators mostly use the word jaffa in cricket. You hear Corker very rarely in the game.

Jaffa Delivery From Fast Bowler

When a fast bowler delivers the jaffa, it angles toward the batsman’s leg stump, adopts the pathway that the ball pitches on a good length, then seams toward the off side.

Moreover, it hit the off-stump. It is often a jaffa in cricket. Moreover, from a fast bowler, the ball moves toward the off-stump line that bowls away at the last second, causing the ball to miss. This type of delivery is also referred to as a jaffa ball in cricket.

Jaffa Delivery From Spin Bowler

When a spin bowler throws a ball, suppose a right arm and leg spin bowler delivers the ball to a right-handed batsman. Imagine the bowler giving delivery, which is leg spin and drift toward the leg stump.

This delivery shows this path before pitching away toward the off-side. Furthermore, if the ball is bowled correctly, it could hit the off stump.

Other Things That Relate To Jaffa Ball

There are a lot of things that have the same meaning, like jaffa bowling. Usually, commentators call them during the match in place of jaffa bowling in cricket. There are a few names related to jaffa in cricket. Some of the names  I t i have mostly heard from commentators are the following:

  • Corker
  • Cracker
  • Beauty
  • Snorter
  • Stormer
  • Brute
  • Peach
  • Pearl
  • Zinger

Examples of Jaffa Bowling In Cricket

Shane Warne bowled to Mike Gatting in the Ashes in 1993! This delivery was so good that it came to be known as ‘the ball of the century’. 

In 1993, in the Ashes Series, spin bowler Shane Warne bowled to Mike Gatting. This delivery is famous and called “the ball of the century”. It is the best example of jaffa bowling by a spinner. When the bowler delivers a jaffa ball, the commentators often say, “What a jaffa!” and “That is an absolute jaffa!” in the game.

World Cup 2023 (Jaffa Ball Example)

In the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, South African spinner Keshav Maharaj delivered a jaffa ball against India batter Shubman Gill. A crowd applauded and made enthusiastic noise at Eden garden on Sunday in new Delhi after this astonishing delivery. Keshav Maharaj delivered the ball to Shubman Gill in the 11th over. 

How To Bowl Jaffa Ball In Cricket?

If you are a beginner in ricket and want to bowl jaffa in cricket, continue reading. Now I am going to clear you to bowl jaffa in cricket. There are some steps you can follow to deliver jaffa in cricket. 

Get access to control of line and length

For giving jaffa delivery, you should be aware of the line and length of the delivery which cause difficulty to batsmen. If you get knowledge about the reason that cause difficulty for batsman to play shot you can easily bowl jaffa ball. 

Master, when Swinging the ball 

To deliver a jaffa ball swing of the ball really matterss. The way you swing the ball determines the capability of your delivery. It is a point to note that when the ball is delivered laterally in the air it causes difficulty to judge by a batsman. This swinging of the ball can’t easily determines and leaves complexity for the batsman.

Moreover, a bowler who has full command of bowling well aware of the types of deliveries can judge the batsman’s techniques easily. 

Get the ball toward seam

The bowler should be aware of the seam movement. If he knows the seam movement, he can easily bowl an unplayable jaffa ball in cricket. 

Understand bowling variations

Variations in bowling is also a very important factor in dealing with aggressive batsmen. As the batsman can play different types of the thewer must have common on different types of deliveries. 

  1. Learn about yorker

Interstingly, a yorker is a type of delivery that deceives the batsman and helps you ply jaffa in cricket. It is a fast delivery that moves toward the batsman’s feet. If the batsman cannot adjust his position for this sudden ball he may be out. So, for playing jaffa you should be familiar with Yorker. 


Jaffa in cricket is one of the best deliveries in cricket that made the game more interesting. It becomes the reason for difficulty for the batsman and put spirit in the bowling team.

Moreover, jaffa ball learning skills are very important to get a full command of the cricket field. I hope you have enjoyed this post and got a healthy knowledge of jaffa bowling in cricket. 


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