What is Cricket Ball Weight? Dimension & size

Cricket ball weight, dimension, and size have significant value and are always taken into consideration. As cricket is played at different levels all over the world, the cricket ball size and weight also change accordingly. For example, if the same ball is used at the international level, it is not sure to be used in any other type of cricket format. 

The cricket ball is an important and fundamental component of a cricket match. It is worth noting that there are certain rules regarding the cricket ball’s weight and size based on which it is manufactured as per the requirements.

The weight of the ball is very important in men’s cricket, so the weight of a cricket ball is about 155.9 to 163 grams in cricket. The circumference of the cricket ball is between 22.4 and 22.9 centimeters.

Different Types of Cricket Balls

The variety is found in the cricket ball. If we talk about its types, there are three types of cricket balls. There are three types of cricket balls:

  1. Red ball
  2. White ball 
  3. Pink ball

These three types of cricket balls are used in different matches, like short format, test format, and day-night test cricket.

The use of different types of cricket balls depends on the conditions offered by a country. SG Cricket balls are used in three formats of the sport in India.

On the other hand, when cricket is being played in Australia and New Zealand, Kookaburra balls are used.

Difference Between White, Pink, and Red Balls

There are significant differences between the three types of cricket balls: red, pink, and white. But the red ball was the only way to play cricket early, while the white ball was introduced when the ball lost its sheen under lighting. 

The big difference between a red ball and a white ball is that the white ball swings more than the red ball. The reason behind it is extra polished. The white ball is known for its visibility, and according to the experts, it is more polished, therefore it is also more shiny and visible. 

So, if we talk about the pink ball, it is not much different from the red ball. Both balls are used in test matches. But one main difference between the red ball and the pink ball is their stitching. However, if we talk about stitching, a red ball is stitched with white thread; on the other hand, a pink ball is stitched with black thread.

Wax is used on the surface of the red ball to make it shiny, but if the same wax is used on the pink ball, it turns it black, so we use a PU-based coat to make it shiny. Another difference between these two balls is the difference in texture. The pink ball seam is stronger and more pronounced, which helps the bowler hold better, while the red ball seam is synthetic. This difference between the two is due to the timing of the test match.

Cricket Ball Size And Dimension

Let’s talk about the size and dimensions of a cricket ball!

The diameter of a cricket ball is about 7.1 cm to 7.26 cm and the circumference is approximately 224 to 229 mm. While the mass of a cricket ball is about 156 to 163 grams,

International Cricket Ball Weight

The measurement of the cricket ball shows that the weight of the cricket ball is approximately 155.9 to 163.  

International Cricket Ball Size

If we measure the international cricket ball size in inches, the diameter is 8.8 inches. On the other hand, its calculation in centimeters represents that the cricket ball diameter for the international level is about 22.4 cm.

Preparation of Cricket Ball

Cricket fans are often in search of how a cricket ball is made. So we know what materials are used in the manufacture of a cricket ball.

As we know there are three types of cricket balls: pink, red, and white. The different types of materials that are basically used for them are leather, cork, and string.

Now let’s look at the role of materials used in the manufacture of cricket balls.

The core of the ball is made from cork, while the string is wrapped around its body several times. The function of the leather is to wrap the cork and string.

This is the method by which the ball is produced. Interestingly, the leather can be dyed red or white, depending on the format it will be used in.

If we talk about the color, the leather is dyed red for test cricket and first-class matches; on the other hand, for T20 and ODI games, the leather is dyed white, which wraps around the cork and string.

Inventor of the First Cricket Ball

At that time, the Duke’s family ran a cottage at Redleaf Hill in Kent. The interesting thing is that the Duke and Son got the royal patent for their cricket ball from King George IV in 1775. The credit for the first-ever six-seam ball manufacturing is going to them. These balls were used in 1780 cricket matches. 


Knowing about the weight and dimensions of the cricket ball is very important if you want to have a perfect grasp of every aspect of the cricket match. I hope that through this article you have gained knowledge of various things related to the size of the cricket ball in a concise manner.


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