off Stump Line Bowling on Off Stump Line And Benefits In Cricket

Cricket stump (off-stump line, center stump, leg stump) is one of the basics in cricket, and knowledge of it is essential, whether you are a professional cricketer or a cricketer. Here, you are thinking about the purpose of the stump in cricket.

The vital thing about the sport of cricket is a wicket made with stumps and bails. The wicket is positioned in the popping crease. Moreover, the stump helps determine the bowler’s and batsman’s points during the match.

More importantly, bail is also an essential thing in cricket. If the bail on the wicket hits the bat or the ball, the batsman can be given out. There are several rules in cricket regarding the off-stump line and bail. Stump also provides support for the bail. 

What is the off-stump line in cricket?

 An off-stump line is a side, basically on the offside of the stump. Briefly, you can say that the off-stump line on that side is the batsman’s bat.

Interestingly, to bowl in cricket, the bowler usually bowls the ball to the outside of the off-stamp line. 

The purpose is to deceive or lure the batsman to play a shot. For a right-handed batsman, the off-stump line is considered to be on the off side of the batsman. Alternatively, for the left-handed batsman, the off-stump line is on the off-side of the batsman.  

Stump Lines in Cricket

There are three stumps in cricket. A wicket consists of three stumps and bails. 

Leg stump line

You can get an idea about this stump from it’s name. The stump that helps in the formation of wickets and is positioned on the leg side of the batsman is called the leg stump in cricket. 

Center stump line

The stump in cricket is middle on the leg and off stump. It is the center stump in cricket. The center stump line is also called a straight stump line by fans. Because the ball moves straight when it comes to the center stump line. 

Off stump line 

The stump that is off the side of the wicket is called the off stump in cricket. As I mentioned above, the off stump is on the side where the batsman’s bat is.

Bowling on Outside off Stump

Bowlers usually find the area that is most suitable for bowling and create difficulty for the batsman. Anyhow, bowlers have many options for bowling the ball. Strategically, bowling outside off the stump is a good choice for bowlers. 

Benefits of Bowling Outside The off-stamp Line

There are a lot of benefits to bowling outside the off-stump line. This strategy helps a lot to give a bhoost twist to the batsman. Below, I have highlighted the main points that will guide you on why it is beneficial to bowl outside the off-stamp line.

  • It became the reason for the batsman’s out. Although it makes it more difficult for the batsman to play shots during the match, 
  • Generally, an off-stump line with good length is ideal for bowling in test cricket. When the bowler bowls outside the off-stamp line, the batsman faces more problems scoring runs. 
  • It also provides a chance for bowlers to take wickets through catching according to LBW rules in cricket.

But it is important to note that a bowler should not always bowl outside of the off stump. An ideal bowler uses different stump lines for bowling, according to the batsman.

If a bowler notices that the batsman feels difficulty with this type of ball, like yorker, jaffa, and others, he should use a variety of bowling techniques to create difficulty for batsmen. 

However, in test cricket, bowling the off-stump line is an ideal ball to create difficulty for the batsman. Hence, it is all about off-stump lines in cricket.

Further, there are cricket rules that explain the concepts related to stump lines and length in cricket. Moreover, these are my complete posts for you on cricket rules and LBW rules.  These rules will definitely prove beneficial for you. 

FAQ About Stump Lines in Cricket

What Are The Fourth And Fifth Stump Lines in Cricket?

The lines outside the off stump are called the fourth and fifth stump lines in cricket. The leg stump line is the first stump line. Likewise, the center stump line is a second stump line.   


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