What is Slip in Cricket? A Complete Guide About Slip Fielders| Purpose | Example

A slip in cricket is basically a fielding position. There are a lot of fielding positions in cricket, such as slip, wicketkeeper, gully, cover, extra cover, e.t.c.

if you want to get a full command in the game of cricket. You should be aware of all the fielding positions. Knowledge of the slip position in cricket is important, whether you are a batsman or a bowler.

But a batsman’s awareness is more essential as he hits the ball with his ball on the cricket ground. Here, I am going to provide you with complete information about a slip in cricket. This will definitely help you and guide you in a conspicuous way about a slip position in cricket.

What is a slip in cricket?

In slip cardon, the fielding position is called slip in cricket. It is the fielder position, which is beside the wicketkeeper at a specific angle. There are four slip fielders in cricket. 

1st slip:

When a spinner is bowling during the game, the chances of the ball falling on the first slip are higher. It is positioned on the off-side behind the wicket. The first slip, along with the second slip and the third slip, is normally a foot behind the wicketkeeper.   

2nd slip

It is the fielding position in cricket, which is near to and offside the first slip. The player stands at the standard diagonal line and changes position according to the type of bowling. Second slip is also called the gully fielder.  

3rd slip

Further, if the fast bowler is bowling at the start of the inning, then there is a lot of chance to hit the ball on the third slip side. So, during fast bowling, the third slip fielder should be attentive.

4th slip

The fourth slip in cricket is alongside the third slip in cricket. The fielder changes the position on the slip cardon according to the type of delivery. This slip is also in use when a wider area needs to be covered for the catch. 

It is important to note that not all fielders are required at the same time. Slip fielders need to be concentrated full time. 

Need of Slip In Cricket Field

The origin of the term slip has a basic reason. As you all know, behind the batsman, the wicketkeeper stands, but he is not able to cover the entire length of space. So, the term got a huge demand from the captain. Hence, the wicketkeeper behind the stumps is not really able, so there is a need for a fielder to slip. This indicates the importance of a slip in cricket. In this way, the term slip shows prominence in cricket.    

What is a slip cardon?

Slip cardon is an area in a cricket field on which slip fielders stand. This area is located behind the batsman. So the slip fielders are positioned a few yards from the batter. these felders may be left or right of the wicketkeeper. Further, this position depends on the handedness of the batsman, either left-handed or right-handed. Moreover, it also depends on the direction of the incoming delivery.     

Purpose of slip in cricket

The basic role of slip in cricket is to catch the ball when it slips from the batsman’s bat or gloves. Interestingly, this is the reason this fielding position is called slip in cricket.

The ball is often caught by slip fielders when the batter has an extremely strong desire to make runs frequently.

A slip fielder stands in the area for long hours without much work. Because there are fewer chances of a ball coming at the slip-fielder side. But he should be active and fully focused to catch the ball when it comes toward him. 

Example of a Catch Taken at slip 

There is an example for you that demonstrates the capability and importance of a slip fielder in cricket.  There are some matches in which the ball is caught up by the slip fielders for example In 2007 T20 World Cup, India vs. South Africa Dinesh Karthik caught the ball in the slip area and dismissed Graeme Smith. Hence, this catch changed the whole map of the game. 

What is Fly slip in cricket?

A fly slip in cricket is a half-way position between the third slip and the fine third man. If you are confused about the direction of the fly slip in cricket, let’s clear up this complexity.

Don’t worry; it is quite easy to understand. The fly slip stands in the same direction from the batman as the third and fourth slips.

But it is important to note that he stands at the edge of the infield. A fielder stands at cover, midway, which is also a fielding position in cricket.

Briefly, for more understanding, you can call it half way between fine third man and third slip’. 

Famous slip fielder in cricket

Indian captain Rhahul Dravid is the most famous slip fielder in test cricket, and Mark Waugh is also an elegant slip fielder. There are the names of some players who are famous as slip fielders:

  • Wally Hammond
  •  Brian Lara
  •  Sunil Gavaskar
  •  Shane Warne
  •  Michael Clarke
  • Sir Garfield Sobers
  • Bobby Simpson
  •  Ian Chappell
  • Jacques Kallis
  • Brian McMillan
  •  Mark Taylor
  •  Ricky Ponting
  • VVS Laxman
  •  Mahela Jayawardene
  •  Stephen Fleming
  •  Younis Khan 
  • Matthew Hayden
  • Sir Ian Botham

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have gotten enough valuable information. By the way, you should be aware of all fielding positions. For this, you can go to my post regarding fielding positions in cricket. Thus, interestingly, you can say that you have access to a slip in cricket.