Everything You Need To know About Death Overs in Cricket Or Slog

So if you are a beginner and don’t have complete knowledge about death overs in cricket then don’t worry through this article we know full about death overs.

If you are a die-hard cricket fan and watch a cricket match with all your heart, then you must have heard the name of death overs in cricket, through which even the map of the game changes.

In this post I will tell you in detail what death overs are and its importance in batting and bowling as well as learn how to play death overs in cricket.  Let’s take a look! 

What are Death Overs In Cricket?

The death overs in cricket means the last few overs in an inning. Death overs play a prominent role in the short format T20 and 50 over matches of cricket.

 In T20s, death overs from the last four to the last five overs are generally considered death overs. 

On the other hand, in 50 over matches of cricket, the last 10 overs are death overs. During these overs the batting team tries their best to score more runs than normal.

 As the batting teams try to score as quickly as possible during these overs, they then choose a batsman who has perfect skills.

So I may mention here that death overs are also known as ‘slog overs. However, if you hear the key phrase ‘Slog Overs’ instead of Death overs, don’t get confused, they are basically the same thing.

How To Play Death Overs In Cricket?

If you want to make a name for yourself in cricket, then the most difficult task for you as a batman is batting  in death overs. As the batsman has to bowl more overs in these limited overs, the pressure is more on the batsman.

But if he plays under pressure then it will be difficult for him to score runs so keeping in mind some special tactics he can play and score good runs.

By playing with a strategy, you can prove to be a good batsman for your team. In this article we learn some tips that will help us a lot in scoring maximum runs during death overs in batting. 

Best Ways To Play Death Overs

These are three best ways to play death overs in cricket:

  • Using depth of crease
  • Unprotected area
  • Unorthodox shorts

Using depth of crease

As we know every bowler in the death overs will bowl the yorker. He will do his best to stop Up from making a run, he will hit the ball straight into Up’s legs. In such a situation if you want to bowl maximum overs then you have to use depth of crease in death overs.

Let’s go over how to use depth of crease in death Over.

If you have one foot outside the crease and the other inside the crease when you are batting, you are more likely to be out when the bowler bowls the yorker. So in such a situation it is beneficial to use crease depth.

By keeping both feet inside the crease, you can hit a big short. The ball will not fall into the legs and will be hit easily with the bat, which will allow the batsman to hit sixes and fours easily.

Here it is worth noting that when you are standing at the depth of a crease, your bat should not hit the stump, because if it hits, you will be out.

Unprotected Area

During the death overs you have to look at the entire fielding area and see which area has the least fielding risk. And the game has to be played with a strategy and while batting you should realize that the least dangerous area is the area behind the wicket.

The area behind the wicket usually has no fielders standing, it is empty and unprotected, so you have to target this area in the death overs while playing up.

Hence , the area behind the wicket is a target area in death overs. Now the best short lapshort to target that area. In this short we have to use the ball pace which causes the ball to bounce towards the  behind the wicket area. 

Unorthodox Short

Unorthodox shorts are very important especially in T20 matches in cricket they have a very prominent role on the other hand many batsmen use these shots for their victory in various matches. 

While playing these unorthodox shorts we don’t focus on batting techniques as there are no specific rules, it is learned by the batsman through his own skills and experience. 

It should be noted here that in order to play this orthodox short, you should first get experience of it, before playing in the final match, you should try it yourself by playing it as trials so that you can avoid any mistakes during the match and  do not face injury.

The interesting thing about these shorts is that they confuse the bowler to throw the ball in the which direction thus you can get success while playing death overs in cricket.

What is a Death Bowler ?

A death bowler is a special type of bowler who bowls at the end of an inning and creates difficulties for the batsmen due to his skill.

These bowlers often bowl at the start of the inning and then again play during the death overs in cricket.

During the death overs, the bowling side aims to restrict flow of batting as much as possible and take as many regular wickets as possible so that they can knock down the batting team’s momentum as they are repeatedly forced to bring new players to the crease.

For this, it is essential for bowlers to be skilled enough to deliver good deliveries and a great deal of composure in the death overs, as are quick bouncers, yorkers, and slow ball deliverers. 

How should bowling be done in death overs?

Usually, only fast bowlers can perform well during death overs because if a team takes spin bowlers they make it very easy for the aggressive batsmen that’s why fast bowlers are needed during death overs. On the other hand he is also good at slow bowling, thus the batsman will be fooled as to when the ball will  come fast and when it will come slow during the death overs.  

Top 6 Famous Death Overs Bowlers In Cricket

Here are some famous bowlers who have made a name for themselves in death overs.

Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan) 

Afridi is the fast emerging fast bowler of Pakistan. He played quite well against Team India in T20I World Cup 2021 due to his bowling. This bowler is very famous in the match for their swinging deliveries and secondly they are known as the best yorkers in death overs in cricket.

Mustafizur Rahman ( Bangladesh)

Mustafizar Rahman, who is known as the best bowler, often gives the batsmen a lot of trouble and one of his main attributes is his off-cutter slower deliveries.

Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Mitchell Starc is the best bowler who has taken 63 wickets in his shortest format and has an economy of 7.5.

Jofra Archer (England)

Jofra Archer is considered to be England’s best pacer, bouncer,  and yokers who is also very good at batting.

Dwayne Bravo (West Indies)

West Indies bowler Brevo is also well known for his bowling and he also played very well for Chennai Super Kings in the death overs.

Jasprit Bumrah (India)

India’s famous player Jasprit Bumrah is also very famous because of his bowling and he is also a fast pacer of the Indian cricket team.His slower deliveries often cause a lot of trouble for the batsman, and he excels in orthodox bowling as well. 

Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan player Lasith Malinga is also famous for his bowling he is a perfect yorker.

Bottom Lines

During the death overs in cricket, the batsman as well as the bowler must have enough skills so that both teams can compete equally.

I hope you have got a good idea of ​​the importance of death overs in cricket and also this article has proved to be very useful for you. if you want to get more guidance on every aspect of cricket in simple words and get every guide related to cricket by visiting the link given below.


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