‘The Slot’ In Cricket Every Single Concept For Beginners!

‘The Slot’ In Cricket Every Single Concept For Beginners!

‘The Slot’ in cricket you must have heard this word from commentators. They often say that the bowler should avoid bowling in slots because it proves beneficial for the batsman to hit boundaries.

If you are a beginner, a sign of agitation will come to your face. But don’t worry, this post is going to clear up all your confusion regarding the slot in cricket. 

In this article, you can get the answer to the question: what is the slot in cricket, is it bad every time, and how does it prove beneficial for batsmen? Briefly, I have mentioned every single concept of the slot in cricket for beginners. 

What is the Slot In Cricket?

The slot in cricket is an area that is 4 or 6 meters away from the batsman’s stumps on which the bowl delivers the ball.  It is an area on the pitch, on which the ball lands in the slot

The landing of the deliveries proved very beneficial for the aggressive batsman. Because the batsmen easily bounce up to a comfortable height.  Moreover, the slot in cricket allows batsmen to bounce it more powerfully. Hence, the batter makes sixes or fours more efficiently.

Interesting Facts of The Slot In Cricket

Slot in cricket is an amazing thing for a batter on the other hand it may prove dangerous for the bowling side. There are some interesting and positive points of the slog in cricket. 

  • The slog in cricket is very easy for an aggressive batsman as he can hit the ball as hard as he wants. 
  • It is also much easier for the batter to swing through the line powerfully. 
  • A batsman can also hit this type of delivery anywhere in the field
  • Moreover, the batter bounced the ball efficiently down the ground over the top of the infield.

The Slot in T20 and ODI Cricket

Let’s learn the concept of slots in T20 and ODI. Usually, you hear about the slots in limited-over cricket like T20 or 20-over matches. You think that why in limited overs?

Ok, first resolve this confusion: the slot in limited over cricket matches, because the batter tries his best to make runs as quickly as possible.

 Although, it is bowler duty to limit the runs. It should be noted that another reason for this is because aggressive batters struggle to play sixes and fours in limited overs cricket.To sum up, the slot in cricket will give advantage to batsmen. 

The Slot in Test Matches

As test matches have un-limited overs. So,  the slot is not very beneficial during un-limited overs matches as batsmen are not looking to find boundaries as regularly. So, in test matches the batsmen is not to  carefully attack a ball that lands in the slot.


I hope you have got enough knowledge about the slot in cricket from this concise and short post. If you are a batter and in search of a different type of shot which helps you in front of an experienced bowler. You can go to this post to click here. On the other hand, if you are bowler and want to get bowling techniques to bowl fast this post is for you how to bowl faster in cricket


Is a ball Which Bounce on the slot always wrong?
No, no at all!

As I have mentioned many times in this post, that slot in cricket is very beneficial for batsmen. It does not mean that it is always wrong to hit the ball on the slot area of the pitch.

Why is slot delivery also called half volley?

Slot delivery also known as ‘half volley’ in cricket. Because this delivery bounced a short or minute distance in front of the batsman
Simply, it means that the ball, when reached close to them, does not bounce above knee height. So, short delivery and half volley are referred or called similar.


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