What is a Backlift in Cricket or Types, Techniques, Common Mistakes, And Its Mechanics

Backlift in cricket means the backward movement of the bat when a bowler prepares to leave the ball. In this case, the batman lifts the bat backward when a bowler braces to bowl the ball. 

While playing the stock, lifting the bat back from where the downswing begins is called a backlift in cricket. Batsmen who are new to cricket are often troubled by the question of where to put the backlift whenever they are up-batting.

Let’s find out the solution to this question along with the types of backlifts, their mechanics, and common mistakes in backlighting in this article.

How to Take Backlift in Cricket?

The most important thing in the backlift is how to hold the bat. Knowing how to hold it is very important because if the bat is not held correctly, the backlift will not be correct.

During the backlift, the top hand does most of the work as it is gripped tightly. When it is held firmly, the back lift will be easier. 

Now let’s learn where to place the bat. The bat should always be kept in a comfortable position but at the same time care should be taken to lift it up to the lower back. Secondly, the bat should be slightly open because the bat will be straight when it is open.

Moreover, care should be taken that while swinging, the bat should be lifted up, so that your power will be very low.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that when the ball is in sight and by mistake the bat is sitting down, then it will take more power to hit the ball. 

Here it is also worth noting that during back lifting, the bat should not be pushed in too much, but a little bit of bat will remain inside, even then you will be able to hit sixes. 

These things are very important if you want to be a good batsman and are a beginner then this method is best for you.

Role of Backlift in Cricket

Backlift plays a very important role in cricket, it plays a prominent and important role in hitting long sixes and playing well.

 And it’s also worth noting that when you do a good backlift, there will be a good swing. When there is a good swing, then there will be good sixes and fours.

It is also interesting that when there is a good swing, then the force from the bat on the ball will also be good, due to which you can make good runs and also get a chance to win the match.

Types of backlift in cricket

If we look at the back lift with the batsman’s stance, then many varieties are presented to us. But here it is worth noting that generally only two types of backlift are important:

  1. Lateral backlift batting 
  2. Straight backlift batting 

Lateral backlift batting

In this technique, the bat moves between the second slip and the gully. This technique is considered better than all other techniques, a batsman can use this technique to establish his dominance in cricket.

Straight backlift batting 

In this technique the batter lifts the ball as straight as possible hence, the lift will take the ball back to stumps. Most coaches recommended the SBBT ( Straight backlift batting technique) to young players because this will tend to give the batter control.

 People often divide the backlift into different types based on height as well. Here are the types of backlifts according to height:

  1. High backlift
  2. Low backlift

What is the mechanics of backlift?

If we talk about the mechanics of the backlift, it is something like when we lift the bet, our top hand works to move our bat towards the slip or the gully.

 According to the basic rules of cricket, in starce, the batsman bends the knee slightly and then grips the bat near the front thigh. And the bat handle is towards the front thigh of the batsman.

Because the knee is slightly bent, the toe of the bat goes behind the backfoot. 

Thus automatically the face of the bat goes in. Here the batsman holds the bat. 

On the other hand, as soon as the bowler lands the ball, the batsman tries to tap the bat back slightly. It is interesting to note here that this is why bat’s toe goes between second slip and gully. 

This is due to the biomechanics of our wrist, also known as the natural movement of the wrist. 

However, the bottom line is that according to biomechanics, the backlift is best between the gully and the second slip.

Some Common Backlift Errors

There common mistakes that beginners often do in backlifting which lead to losing the match:

Late in initiating the backlift:

A problem we face if we delay starting the backlift is that it becomes difficult to match the timing of the backlifting with the timing of the ball, making it difficult to hit the ball. If you learn to manage fractions of time during the backlift, your betting can be very good.

We often delay initiating the backlift because we do it even when the batsman bowls.

Although this should not be the case, when the bowler is releasing the ball, the bat should be forward and not backward.

Even then the bat and the ball will contact each other at the same time. 

However, the rule is to synchronize the back lift with the front foot landing of the bowler.

Controlling the bat with bottom hand

Another mistake we make during backlifting is that we control the bat with the bottom hand. Although the bat is supported by the bottom hand during backlifting, it is not controlled by the bottom hand.

So when the bottom hand is dominant then the back lifting will not be done correctly.

Backlift directing too far outside

Another common mistake we make when backlifting is that we move the bed a little too far from the street or second slip during backlifting, which causes the ball to not go straight.

Arms taken away from the body

Bat should be close to the body for maintaining balance. If the bat is away from your body then a gap is created and secondly, off time becomes weak. 

By avoiding all these mistakes, you can make a name for yourself in cricket as well as become famous in backlifting.


I hope that you have found this article very useful and have gained good knowledge about backlift in cricket. So let’s say that backlifting is a great quality of a batsman through which he can win his team and make his name in cricket

. If you want to know more about cricket as a beginner then you can get all kinds of information from the links given below.

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