ICC Men’s T20I All-Rounder Rankings 2023

Shakib Al Hasan top of the list in ICC Men’s T20I players All-Rounder Rankings 2023 according to the official update on December, 03 2203

In cricket, an T20I all-rounder is a player who can contribute effectively to both the batting and bowling aspects of the game.

In T20I (Twenty20 International) cricket, an all-rounder is a player who can bat, bowl, and field well in this format of the game.

The T20I format is a fast-paced version of cricket where each team gets to play 20 overs of batting and bowling.

As a result, T20I all-rounders are usually players who can score quick runs with the bat, take wickets with the ball, and field efficiently to save runs or take catches.

In T20I matches, there are restrictions on the number of overs a bowler can bowl, which makes the role of an all-rounder even more critical.

The maximum number of overs that a bowler can bowl in a T20I match is four overs, which means that all-rounders who can bowl and contain the opposition’s batting line-up within these limitations are highly valued.

In addition, T20I all-rounders are expected to be good fielders as well. This is because fielding plays a vital role in this format of the game, where every run saved or catch taken can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

Overall, T20I all-rounders are essential for their team’s success in this format of the game, as they can contribute in multiple ways and make a significant impact on the game.

Complete List of Top 20 Rated Twenty20 All-Rounders In 2023

A T20I all-rounder is a cricket player who can bat, bowl and field effectively in the T20I format of cricket. Some of the best T20I all-rounders rankings 2023 in the world currently are:

1(0)Shakib Al Hasan BAN272408 v Pakistan, 24/04/2015
2(0)Mohammad Nabi AFG210355 v Bangladesh, 15/09/2019
3(0)Hardik Pandya IND204266 v West Indies, 08/08/2023
4(0)Aiden Markram SA198198 v Australia, 03/09/2023
5(0)Marcus Stoinis AUS187202 v India, 26/11/2023
6(0)Sikandar Raza ZIM184194 v Namibia, 27/10/2023
7(0)Wanindu Hasaranga SL178186 v New Zealand, 05/04/2023
8(0)Shadab Khan PAK173195 v Afghanistan, 27/03/2023
9(0)J.J. Smit NAM167197 v Zimbabwe, 22/11/2023
10(0)Gerhard Erasmus NAM163188 v Zimbabwe, 22/11/2023
=(0)Moeen Ali ENG163221 v South Africa, 31/07/2022
12(0)Liam Livingstone ENG146179 v New Zealand, 10/11/2021
13(0)Glenn Maxwell AUS142397 v Sri Lanka, 27/10/2019
14Akshar Patel IND127127 v Australia, 03/12/2023
15(1)Zeeshan Maqsood OMA124180 v Scotland, 31/10/2019
16(1)Bas de Leede NED123123 v South Africa, 06/11/2022
17(1)Curtis Campher IRE118126 v Italy, 20/07/2023
=(1)Rashid Khan AFG118125 v Bangladesh, 16/07/2023
19(1)Sean Williams ZIM117232 v Nepal, 01/10/2019
20(1)Ryan Burl ZIM113154 v Ireland, 01/09/2021

Frequently Asked Questions About All Rounder Ranking

Who is the No. 1 all-rounder in the ICC T20 rankings?

Shakib Al Hasan is at the top of the list in the ICC Men’s T20I All-Rounder Rankings 2023 with a 272 rating.

Who is the All time all-rounder in ICC T20 rankings?

Shane Watson all time all rounder ranking in icc t20 rankings.

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