NFL Fans Mark Your Calendars: 2024 NFL Schedule Release on the Horizon

NFL Schedule

The wait is almost over for NFL fans! The official 2024 NFL schedule release is expected to happen soon, likely in the first week of May. This highly anticipated event reveals the matchups for the entire season, sparking excitement and fueling discussions among fans. While the official date hasn’t been announced yet, based on past trends, we can expect it to be on a Wednesday or Thursday in early May.

The complete schedule release will unveil a slate of exciting matchups throughout the season. Fans can expect to see divisional rivalries reignited, inter-conference battles unfold, and primetime games featuring the league’s top teams. The schedule will also reveal key dates like:

  • Sunday Night Football: Primetime matchups broadcasted on NBC.
  • Monday Night Football: Traditionally doubleheader games broadcasted on ESPN.
  • Thursday Night Football: Games broadcasted on either FOX, NFL Network, or Prime Video (schedule varies).
  • Thanksgiving Day: Three traditional games played on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Christmas Day: Games played on Christmas Day (schedule and number of games may vary).

With the 2024 NFL season schedule release approaching, the excitement is building. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a specific team or simply enjoy watching the best athletes compete at the highest level, the schedule release marks a significant moment. So, mark your calendars, stay tuned for the official announcement, and prepare for another thrilling season of NFL football!


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