Cricket Ground Size & Measurement And Size In Meter

Cricket ground size predicts the question of how long or how far a batsman hits the ball to score six runs or four runs. So many of us are skeptical about the size of the biggest cricket stadium and why some cricket fields look big and some look small.

Through this article, we look at the measurement of cricket ground from different aspects, including the size of the cricket ground in yards, acres in meters, canals, and many more questions that are asked.

What Is Cricket Ground Size?

The size of the cricket ground is not uniform, but it varies in diameter; we can say that the range for it is 137.16 meters to 150 meters. The shortest boundary and longest boundary in the cricket stadium have their own limits while the shortest boundary in the cricket field can be 59.43 meters from the cricket pitch and on the other hand the longest boundary is around 82.29 meters.

The size of the biggest cricket ground or international stadium is less than 17 thousand meters square.

Cricket Ground Measurement

In terms of cricket ground maintenance, ICC Test Match Standard Playing Conditions Law 19.1 stipulates that the playing area must be at least 137.6 meters boundary to boundary square of the pitch with the smallest of two square boundaries a minimum of 59.43 meters.

Pitch Measurement (Length And Width)

A pitch is a rectangular area inside a cricket ground which is the most important element of the game. It is 22 yards or 20.12 meters long and 3.05 meters wide.

You can get detailed information through this link pitch length in cricket

Cricket Ground Size In Yards

A cricket ground is at least 164 yards in size from one end of the popping crease to the other end of the crease on the bowling side of the pitch and has a boundary length of at least 70 yards. 

It should be noted that the size of the cricket ground varies but the maximum size of an international cricket ground is 164 yards from one side of the pitch to the other and the minimum boundary is 70 yards.

As a result, the length of a cricket pitch is 22 yards while the width is 10.3 feet.

Cricket Ground Size in Ares

If the size of the cricket ground is measured, most of the people’s attention is directed to the size of how many acres a cricket ground will contain.

but it is considered that to build a cricket ground, about four acres of land is required.

Cricket Ground Size in Meters

The size of the cricket ground varies between 137 meters and 150 meters in diameter. The length of the cricket pitch from one edge to the other edge is 22.56 meters while the length of the cricket pitch from the crease to the crease is 17.68 meters.

The total width of the cricket pitch is 3.66 meters. Cricket grounds have a total area of 14,775–18,242 m².

Cricket Ground Size in Feet

As the diameter of the cricket field varies, it ranges between 360 feet and 420 feet for women’s cricket and between 450 and 500 feet for men’s cricket.  Cricket ground has a total area of  159,043-196,350 ft².

Cricket Ground Size for T20

When we discuss this heated topic of bat and ball, there is often a question of size of ground forT20. The size and dimensions of the ground are uniform for all formats of the game and the size of each ground is highly significant for the team.

The length of the boundary for the men’s T20 determines the size of the cricket ground as per the International Cricket Council’s Playing Conditions and Guidelines. 

 Top 7 largest Cricket Stadium In the world:

  1. Narendra Modi Stadium
  2. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
  3. Michigan Stadium 
  4. Beaver Stadium 
  5. Ohio Stadium
  6. Kyle Field
  7. Tiger Stadium

What is the Smallest Cricket Stadium In The World?

Eden Park in New Zealand is the smallest cricket stadium in the world. The venue is located in the center of Auckland. 

Top 7 smallest cricket stadium in the world
  1. The Grange Club, Edinburgh
  2. Stormont Cricket Ground, Belfast
  3.  Maple Leaf Cricket Club, Ontario
  4. Traeger Park, Alice Springs
  5.  Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo
  6. Boland Park, Paarl
  7. Harare Sports Club, Harare

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Are all cricket grounds the same size?

Cricket grounds are an important element of the game but they are not uniform in their size depending on various factors such as the more physical land availability. As the available area is large, the larger the size of the cricket stadium.  On the other hand the capacity of fans also depends on the size of a cricket field.

What is the largest cricket stadium?

 Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest cricket stadium in India and is located in the west of the Indian city of Ahmedabad. The stadium was named after the Prime Minister of India which has a seating capacity of 130,000 people. On the other hand, it should also be noted that India is the host of the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023, which is taking place at the Narendra Modi Stadium.


Cricket ground size is not the same, it varies, which is influenced by various factors. Therefore, there is the largest cricket stadium in the world or the smallest cricket grounds. We use different measures to measure the size of the cricket stadium.


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