All You Need To know About An Innings In Cricket

Innings In Cricket

Knowing the innings in cricket is very important to understand every aspect of cricket well. If you want to know what it is and how it works, you will find basic guidance in this article. First of all keep in mind that innings is fundamental in the game of cricket.

Let us now discuss the detailed issues about innings in cricket !

What is an Inning in cricket?

The word innings in cricket means how much time a team or an individual player plays in batting. Let us now discuss the detailed issues about innings in cricket. 

An inning is when a team takes its turn, for example, there is a match between two teams, Pakistan and India, for 50 overs, so first the Pakistan team bats for 50 overs, this will be the first innings, then the Indian team bats for 50 overs.  This will be the second inning.

How Many Balls Are There In An Inning In Cricket?

This is a frequently asked question that bothers people new to cricket. The answer to this question depends on various things, namely, what types of matches  we are playing. 

First Class Cricket

If we talk about a first class cricket match, there is no limit to the number of balls. In a first class match, there is no rule as to when the individual batsman’s innings is last, he can play the balls as long as he likes.

50 over cricket

As the name itself tells us that in this a cricketer will play his innings for 50 overs. This means that each team is given the opportunity to play a maximum of 50 overs during a match.

It is important to note here that there are 300 balls in 50 overs, which indicates that during an innings, a cricketer will play 300 balls in 50 overs.

But now it is not like that the number of balls in 50 overs will be 300, it can be more or less. There is no rule regarding the number of balls that a batsman will face in an individual innings.

So we are correct to say here that maximum 300 balls can be delivered from the bowling side now it depends on the batsman whether he faces 300 or only fewer balls.

20 over cricket

20 overs are equal to 120 balls, so each team’s innings will last up to a maximum of 120 balls, which means that each team will have a chance to bat for 20 overs. As we have discussed above, a batting action can also end in the first place due to the ball being out.

It is worth noting here that a team’s innings can last as many balls as they want in 20 over cricket, the maximum limit of which is 120.

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How Many Innings Does Test Cricket have?

There are a total four innings in Test cricket, let’s also reveal how?

In Test cricket, each team is allowed two innings, but if we talk in simple words, each team is given the opportunity to bat twice. 

It is also worth noting here that sometimes it happens that the team batting first wins that they can enforce it thus giving them a significant chance to win the innings too.

Let’s look at another aspect, that is sometimes the severity of the weather also affects the game, so often such matches end in a draw.

When Does an Inning End?

To know how an innings is over, it is important for us to know what the types are, so let’s first have a look at them. There are two types of innings:

  • Individual innings
  • Team innings

Individual Innings

A batsman’s innings is called an individual innings which ends due to several reasons. An individual innings ends when the batsman is injured or the batsman is bowled out and the game is over or as instructed by the umpire.

Team Innings

The name team innings itself suggests that the entire team plays a role in it. Team innings ends when the batting team is bowled out or the captain himself decides to finish them off or the game has reached its end.

What is the Longest Team Inning?

So far the longest innings was 335.2 overs long which was played by an international team. All the credit goes to the England team who played against Australia in the first match in August 1938.

However, one of the reasons why this innings became famous was that of Len Horton, an English batsman who scored 364. He earned his name by batting for 13 hours. 

Fortunately for Australia then, there was a rest day for their bowlers, so Australia had an easy time getting a bit of success.

What is the Longest Individual Innings?

If we talk about the longest individual innings, then the name of Pakistan batsman Hanif Mohammad comes up. Who played against the West Indies and made the talk of his innings by batting for 970 minutes at the international level.

He scored 337 runs in his 16 hours which was a great achievement for Pakistan.


I hope that what is an inning and all the information related to it has reached up well. If you want to learn more about cricket, here are more posts that can be of great help in guiding you from the very beginning.


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