All Important Cricket Equipment Required In Cricket

All important cricket equipment is the basic item in the game that is used in cricket according to the rules of cricket. The correct knowledge of this equipment is very essential. Because according to cricket law, this impacts the players and can lead to complicated situations.

 Let’s understand this with an example. For instance, in cricket, only a wicketkeeper is allowed to wear gloves. If any of the players do, then some actions will take place according to cricket rules. 

On the other hand, important cricket equipment provides protection as well as aid during cricket matches. Although you are a beginner in cricket or in search of important cricket equipment, this post is for you. However, I have mentioned 10 important pieces of cricket equipment that are required.   

Firstly, I think it’s good to understand the concept of different types of cricket equipment before going to the most important cricket equipment.  

Types of Cricket Equipments

According to function and role, we can divide cricket equipment into two types. So, there are two basic types of equipment:

  1. Match Equipments
  2. Safety equipment

Match equipments

Those pieces of equipment that are essential for players to play during a match in cricket are called match equipment. Briefly, match equipment is a type of cricket equipment that is a basic need of the game. It plays a vital role in playing games on cricket grounds. 

List of match equipments

Furthermore, there is a list of match equipment, which is given below. And through this list, you can get an idea of this type of cricket equipment.


A cricket ball is one of the main items of the game, as it is the master hand of the bowling as well as the batting team. Actually, a ball is a hard, dense structure that thoroughly moves on the cricket field.

All the fielders are trying to catch it when the batsman hits it with a bat. However, according to cricket laws, there are rules and restrictions for cricket. Cricket ball weight and size are fixed.

Further, it is interesting to note that cricket ball color is always not the same in cricket.  Moreover, there are some rules for the new ball in cricket. 


Cricket bags are also very important cricket equipment. Basically, the purpose of the bag is that it keeps all the essential equipment. Furthermore, the size of the cricket bag is often large.

The reason for its large size is that it keeps all the match equipment. So, it is also important to carry the things of the players when they go to another place for a match. A player can keep his gloves, helmet, ball, and bat in a bag.

Moreover, these bags have separate compartments. Further, usually, these bags have wheels that make them easy to transport. 


On the top of the wicket, a wooden, rounded piece is called a cricket bail at the end of each pitch.

Basically, it plays a very essential role during the game. When the ball hits with the wicket bail falling on the ground, the batsman is considered to be out.

It has such a size and shape that it can be misplaced easily when a ball hits the ground.

Rope for boundary

A rope is used around the cricket ground to set the boundaries. Cricket fields vary due to different types of matches. These ropes are strong and tightly bound. Further, it assigns the player a limit on the cricket field.  

Cricket Sight Screen

In cricket, a sight screen is present, which helps the players see the ball clearly and predict an idea about the coming ball. 


A stump is a piece of structural equipment in cricket that plays an essential role in making the wicket on which the bail lies. Cricket wickets are made of stumps. 

Safety Equipment

Those devices that are specially designed to provide protection to the player during a game from injuries are called safety equipment. Hence, it provides protection.  

However, it ensures the player’s safety during a cricket match. 

List of Safety Equipment

Here is a list of some safety equipment:

  • Wicket Keeper gloves
  • Leg guard
  • Arm guard
  • Elbow guard 
  • Helmet
  • Chestguard
  • Thigh guard
  • Mouth guard

Wicket Keeper Gloves

Wicketkeepers are often at risk of injury behind the batsman. Because he has more chance to hit the ball on the body parts. So, he wears special official wicket keeper gloves. These gloves protect the hands and fingers of the players. 

Leg Guard\Leg pad

Leg guards are important cricket equipment. It protects the leg from injuries. And the knee joint is a very sensitive part of the body. So a slight injury to the knee can lead to severe cases.

So, leg guards not only provide protection to the leg but also protect the knee joint. Moreover, leg pads are rounded from the top so that players can perform a full range of motion. A leg guard is also known as a leg pad. 

Arm Guard\ Arm Pad

Arm guards also include some important cricket equipment. As fielders and bowlers, all cricketers have some risk of injury while playing. So arm guards provide protection for the arm. It also helps with the mobility of the arm. 

Elbow Guard

Elbow guards have similar benefits and functions as arm guards. These are especially helpful for batsmen during matches. It also protects the elbow joint. Moreover, it prevents dislocation of the elbow joint. 


A helmet is cap-shaped equipment that provides safety to the batsman. It covers the head and face of the batsman so that he can protect himself from severe injuries. As a ball hits toward the batsman, if he misses the ball, it can cause injury to the head and face of the batsman. 


In this article, I have mentioned all the important cricket equipment. Cricket equipment has become the pivotal part of the game and has a very significant impact on the game. Consequently, cricket equipment made the game elegant. If you want to get more knowledge about cricket, you can go to the links that are given below, in which I have described everything in a very concise manner. 


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