What Is Maiden in Cricket? Types And Significance

‘Maiden’ in cricket you must have heard if you watch cricket matches. Within cricket, this term is often used by commentators and statisticians to describe the scene of the match, so it is important to understand the term well if you want to know everything about cricket. 

A maiden in cricket refers to an over in which pressure is put on the batting team and the total runs add up to zero. There must be six legal deliveries in an hour. If an illegal delivery is made, one penalty run will be added.

However, a median over is defined as a bowl in which the bowler does not score any runs in the entire over. If the bowler bowls a wide ball or a no-ball, then the over is not a maiden.

It is worth noting that this is a great and useful thing for the bowling team, as they do not have any color in the middle overs, making it difficult for the batsmen to score.

In short, you can say in simple words that if a batsman does not score any runs in all six balls of an over, it is called a maiden over.

Through this article, you learn what the types of median over are, what wicket maiden is in cricket, and what the significance of median over is in Test cricket, ODI, and T20.

Let’s get access to all of this with interest!

Types of Maiden Over in Cricket

There are two main types of maidens in cricket:

Conventional Maiden Over

In traditional media over cricket, a median is a type in which a bowler bowls six consecutive balls without conceding a single ball, so the result may still include extras such as byes that are not attributed to the bowler.

Wicket Maiden Over

Wicket medium overs is an upgraded version of mid-wicket in which a bowler not only concedes no runs but also manages to get out at least one batsman during the over.

What is a Wicket Maiden in Cricket?

In cricket, the wicket is considered to be the best over the maiden overs. This over is a dream over for any bowler, and often bowlers get wickets due to pressure from dot balls.

On the other hand, in this over, it happens that the bowler not only succeeds but also succeeds in giving a run as well as taking a wicket.


There are some bowlers who are famous for bowling maiden overs:

  1. Glenn McGrath | Australia
  2. Wasim Akram | Pakistan
  3. Anil Kumble | India
  4. James Anderson | England
  5. Muttiah Muralitharan | Sri Lanka
  6. Shane Warne | Australia

Maiden Over in Test Cricket

Maiden overs are particularly prominent and important in terms of their characteristics, there is no restriction on the number of overs, but bowlers have the latitude of tight lines and length bowling. With its help, maiden overs become very easy. 

On the other hand, it plays a significant role in instilling confidence in the batsman when making mistakes and is also very helpful in creating pressure for long periods of time.

Maiden Over in ODI

In ODI matches, media overs are more important than ever. Among their qualities, the limitation of 50 overs is given, and the significance of maiden overs is somewhat lessened but still plays a role in creating pressure. 

So even in an ODI match, the bowling side gets a big favor due to the maiden over. 

Hence, bowling maiden overs proved game changing during power play or death overs in cricket.

Maiden Over in T20

Maiden overs have moderate importance in the short format of cricket T20. Here is an important thing to remember: maidens are rare but precious. In T20, Maiden shifts the game tempo. It put pressure on the batting team for compensation for lost deliveries. 

Significance of Maiden Over in Cricket

Median has great significance. As all cricket formats consist of different maiden rules, their roles are different.

A bowler consequently bowls maiden overs, which have great importance for the bowling side as well as creating pressure on the batting person. It often arises a question: Can a bowler bowl consecutive maiden overs?  Yes, of course, a bowler can bowl efficiently and consecutively in maiden overs. It also refers to the mastery of a bowler’s skills.

Bottom lines

Maiden overs play a vital role in the game. It gives a deep push and elaborates on the potential of both teams. Hence, maiden overs in t20, one day international, and test matches have significance values. I hope you have gained access to good information through the short and concise words of this article. If you want to gain more knowledge regarding cricket, you can get valuable information through the links that are given below. 


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