LPL Points Table 2024, Standings, Rankings, Matches, Win, Loss

LPL Points Table, Standings, Rankings, Matches, Win, Loss

The Lanka Premier League LPL Points Table has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting T20 cricket leagues in the world. Since its inception, the LPL has attracted top international players and showcased thrilling cricket action.

The fifth edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) will begin in July 2024, and the final match will be played in August 2024. This season, there will be five teams competing for the championship.

One crucial aspect of any sports league is the points table, which reflects the standings, rankings, and performances of the participating teams. In this article, we will take a look at the current LPL points table, the team standings, and the matches played, won, and lost.

LPL Points Table, Standings, Rankings, Matches, Win, Loss

Lanka Premier League 2024 Points Table

GALLE MARVELS853010-0.059
JAFFNA KINGS853010-0.392

Lanka Premier League 2023 Points Table

Dambulla Aura (Q)8620012+0.793
Galle Titans (Q)844008+0.353
B-Love Kandy (Q)844008+0.185
Jaffna Kings (Q)835006-0.179
Colombo Strikers (E)835006-1.215

Lanka Premier League LPL 2022 Points Table

1Kandy Falcons87100+1.88414
2Jaffna Kings86200+1.01012
3Colombo Stars83500-0.8476
4Galle Gladiators82600-0.9364
5Dambulla Aura82600-1.1984

LPL 2021 Points Table – Lanka Premier League Team Standings

1COLOMBO KINGS86200120.448
2DAMBULLA VIIKING8520111-0.191
5KANDY TUSKERS826004-0.771

LPL Points Table Rule:

Team Matches Won Lost Points

Note: The table above is a fictional representation for illustrative purposes only.

The points table displays the teams’ performance based on the number of matches played, matches won, and matches lost. The team with the highest number of points occupies the top position, followed by the teams with fewer points in descending order.

Standings and Rankings:

The LPL points table provides a clear picture of the current standings and rankings of the participating teams. The team that accumulates the most points tops the table and is considered the frontrunner. The remaining teams are ranked based on their points, with tiebreakers often determined by net run rate, head-to-head records, or other criteria specified by the tournament organizers.

Matches, Wins, and Losses:

The points table also highlights the number of matches played, won, and lost by each team. This information helps assess the team’s performance and its ability to convert matches into victories. The win-loss ratio plays a crucial role in determining the overall standing of the teams in the league.

In the LPL, each team competes against every other team in a round-robin format during the league stage. The top-performing teams in terms of wins and points advance to the playoffs, where they battle it out for a spot in the final. The team with the highest number of wins and points at the end of the league stage has a higher chance of securing a favorable position in the playoffs.

FAQ About LPL Points Table

Which team is no 1 in LPL 2022?

Kandy Falcons is the top of the list in LPL 2022.

Which team is no 1 in LPL 2021?

COLOMBO KINGS Is the top of the list in Lanka Premier League 2021


The LPL points table provides fans, players, and team management with a quick overview of the current standings, rankings, matches, wins, and losses of the participating teams. It helps generate excitement and fosters healthy competition among the teams. The points table is constantly updated throughout the tournament to reflect the latest results and provides a snapshot of the overall performance of each team.

As the Lanka Premier League progresses, fans and cricket enthusiasts eagerly follow the points table to see how their favorite teams are faring and to predict which teams might secure a spot in the playoffs. The points table serves as a crucial reference point for the league and adds an extra dimension of intrigue to the already thrilling cricketing action of the LPL.


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