Vitality Blast 2024 A Look at Finals Date, Ticket Scenario, and Host

Vitality Blast 2024 Finals Date Confirmed

The Vitality Blast 2024, also known as the T20 Blast, will now arrive next summer in the month of September. This is because both the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup and Vitality Blast have similar dates. As the Vitality Blast is a country league as compared to the T20 World Cup, the ECB changed the month; it has been shifted to September 14 next month.

Host of Vitality Blast 2024

If you look at the host of the Vitality Blast on Saturday, September 14th, Edgbaston’s name comes up. It is the fourth-largest cricket venue in England.

Scenario of T20 Blast, 2023

More than 800,000 fans attended this summer’s Vitality Blast. The match was highly anticipated, and surprisingly, advance ticket sales were the second highest.

Somerset earned a tag team title, and the fans cheered him on. Even the supporters came out of the stadium to cheer and show their enthusiasm..

In terms of viewership, in this Vitality Blast 2023, the finals were 64 percent and the semi-finals were 12 percent.

 ECB’s ‘Friday Night Blast’ was also enjoyed by many people, numbering around 400,000. 

Somerset Alerts to Maintain His Position

Somerset earned the tag of winning the title team, so he is quite worried about Vitality Blast 2024. However, The Somerset, who earned themselves a coin in the previous match, are looking to retain their name now.

Upcoming Vitality Blast Ticket Announcement 

The big news for cricket fans is that they will be able to enter the ballot for tickets for the upcoming Vitality Blast 2024. However, they can get tickets for the final day through a website.

Those who have earlier purchased tickets for Vitality Blast don’t despair; they can return their tickets.

The refund period for tickets will run from August 30 to the evening of September 6. 


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