ICC ODI World Cup 2023 Tickets And Pricing Details or Online Booking Sale

ICC ODI World Cup Tickets And Pricing Details or Online Booking Sale

ICC World Cup match booking Tickets And Pricing details are available now, along with the announcement of the tournament schedule by the ICC.

The 2023 World Cup will take place from Schedule on October 5 2023 To 19 November 2023. In 2023, the World Cup will take place in India.

The First Match CWC 2023 England, the defending champions, will face New Zealand, the 2019 runners-up, in the opening match at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

The ICC ODI World Cup is a big cricket tournament that happens every four years. People from all over the world get excited to watch their favorite teams compete.

If you want to go and watch the matches in person, you will need to buy tickets. we will tell you how you can buy tickets for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 and how much they cost.

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023: How, where and when to book tickets for matches online

Where to Buy Tickets:

To buy tickets for the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, you can go to special websites that sell them. Some of these websites are Bookmyshow, Paytm, Paytm Insiders, and the official ICC Cricket World Cup site. These websites are authorized to sell the tickets, which means it’s safe to buy from them.

Information about Matches:

When you go to these ticket-selling websites, you will find lots of information about the matches. This includes the dates when the matches will happen, the stadiums where they will take place, the time the matches start, and the teams that will be playing. You can look at this information to decide which matches you want to see.

Choosing Tickets:

Once you know which match you want to see, you can choose the tickets. On the ticket booking page, you will see different types of tickets and their prices. Some tickets may be more expensive because they offer better seats or more comfort. Think about how much money you want to spend and choose the tickets that fit your budget.

How Much Do Tickets Cost:

The price of the tickets depends on a few things. It depends on the match you want to see, the stadium where it will happen, the type of seat you want, and how popular the match is. Popular matches and better seats usually cost more money. It’s a good idea to think about how much you can afford to spend on tickets before you choose.

Paying for Tickets:

To pay for the tickets, you will need to do it online. The ticket-selling websites offer different ways to pay, like using a debit card, credit card, or an online wallet. You will need to enter your payment information and follow the instructions to complete the payment. Make sure you do it safely.

Getting Your Tickets:

After you have paid for the tickets, you will get a confirmation message or email with all the details. Keep this confirmation safe because it’s proof that you bought the tickets. The tickets will be sent to the address you provided. It’s important to give a correct address so that the tickets can be delivered to you.

Tickets And Pricing for ICC World Cup Cricket ODI Matches

There are 12 venues in India hosting all 46 games of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Stay tuned for more information on ticket prices and how to purchase them. Here is a general idea of the expected ticket pricing categories (in INR) from the table below:

Price (INR)
General Saver1516- 3034
General Standard2022-8090
Pavillion (East/west)4550-16179
Grand Lounge 16168-80895
SKY Box46515-226885
VIP SUITE58649-303357

FAQ About Tickets And Pricing CWC 2023

How to book tickets for ICC World Cup 2023?
Here are the steps to book ICC World Cup 2023 tickets online:

1. Visit the official ticket-selling websites such as Bookmyshow, Paytm, Paytm Insiders, or the ICC Cricket World Cup site. These websites are authorized to sell tickets for the ICC World Cup 2023.

2. Look for the ticket link or section on the website. It may be prominently displayed on the homepage or under a specific section related to the ICC World Cup.

3. Click on the ticket link to access the ticket booking page. Here, you will find information about match dates, venues, timings, and the participating teams. Review this information to choose the match you wish to attend.

4. Once you have selected the match, a new page will appear displaying the available tickets and their prices. You may have options for different seating categories or sections. Take note of the ticket prices and availability.

5. Select the desired tickets based on your preferences. Choose the seating category, the number of tickets you want, and any additional options if available (such as hospitality packages).

6. Before proceeding to make the payment, double-check the details of your ticket selection. Ensure that the match, date, venue, and number of tickets are correct.

7. Proceed to make the payment online. The ticket-selling websites usually offer various payment options, including debit cards, credit cards, and online wallets. Provide your debit card information or select the preferred payment method and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

8. After the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation message or email with your booking details. Keep this confirmation for future reference.

9. The tickets will be delivered to the address you provided during the booking process. Delivery times may vary depending on the ticket-selling website and your location. Ensure that you provide a valid and reliable address for ticket delivery.

10. Once you receive the tickets, make sure to keep them in a safe place. On the day of the match, bring the tickets with you to the venue for entry. Follow any instructions provided regarding ticket validation or entry procedures.

Remember to book your tickets well in advance, as popular matches may sell out quickly. Stay updated with the official ticket-selling websites and the ICC World Cup announcements for any changes or updates related to ticket sales.

Where is 2023 cricket World Cup played?

India will host the ICC Cricket World Cup from 5 October to 19 November 2023. The tournament will feature 10 teams, including defending champions England from the 2019 edition.


If you want to go and watch the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 matches, you can buy tickets online. Go to authorized websites like Bookmyshow, Paytm, Paytm Insiders, or the ICC Cricket World Cup site.

Look at the information about the matches, choose the tickets you want, and pay for them online. Remember to keep the confirmation message or email because it shows that you bought the tickets. Get ready to enjoy the cricket matches and have a great time!


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