Match schedule Announced for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a big international cricket tournament scheduled for October 5, 2023, to November 19, 2023, that happens every four years.

In 2023, the World Cup will take place in India. It’s a special event where the best cricket teams from around the world compete against each other.

Let’s take a look at the schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and get ready for some thrilling matches.

2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier Fixtures

DateTeamTimeMatch Venue
5 October 2023England Vs New Zealand13:30 (YOUR TIME)Ahmedabad
6 October 2023Pakistan Vs Netherland13:30 (YOUR TIME)Hyderabad
7 October 2023Bangladesh Vs Afghanistan10:00 (YOUR TIME)Dharamsala
7 October 2023South Africa Vs Sri Lanka13:30 (YOUR TIME)Delhi
8 October 2023India Vs Australia13:30 (YOUR TIME)Chennai
9 October 2023New Zealand Vs Netherland13:30 (YOUR TIME)Hyderabad
10 October 2023England Vs Bangladesh10:00 AM (YOUR TIME)Dharamsala
10 October 2023Pakistan Vs Sri lanka01:30 PM Hyderabad
11 October 2023India Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Delhi
12 October 2023Australia Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Lucknow
13 October 2023New Zealand Vs Bangladesh10:00 (YOUR TIME)Delhi
14 October 2023India Vs Pakistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Chennai
15 October 2023England Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Ahmedabad
16 October 2023Australia Vs Sri Lanka13:30 (YOUR TIME)Lucknow
17 October 2023South Africa Vs Netherland13:30 (YOUR TIME)Dharamsala
18 October 2023New Zealand Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Chennai
19 October 2023India Vs Bangladesh13:30 (YOUR TIME)Pune
20 October 2023Australia Vs Pakistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Bengaluru
21 October 2023Netherland Vs Sri Lanka10:00 (YOUR TIME)Mumbai
21 October 2023England Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Lucknow
22 October 2023India Vs New Zealand13:30 (YOUR TIME)Dharamsala
23 October 2023Pakistan Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Chennai
24 October 2023South Africa Vs Bangladesh13:30 (YOUR TIME)Mumbai
25 October 2023Australia Vs Netherland13:30 (YOUR TIME)Delhi
26 October 2023England Vs Sri Lanka13:30 (YOUR TIME)Bengaluru
27 October 2023Pakistan Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Chennai
28 October 2023Australia Vs New Zealand10:00 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
28 October 2023Netherland VS Bangladesh13:30 (YOUR TIME)Dharamsala
29 October 2023India Vs England13:30 (YOUR TIME)Lucknow
30 October 2023India Vs Sri Lanka13:30 (YOUR TIME)Pune
31 October 2023Pakistan Vs Bangladesh13:30 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
1 November 2023New Zealand Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Pune
2 November 2023India Vs Sri Lanak13:30 (YOUR TIME)Mumbai
3 November 2023Netherland Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Lucknow
4 November 2023England Vs Australia10:00 (YOUR TIME)Ahmedabad
4 November 2023New Zealand Vs Pakistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Bengaluru
5 November 2023India Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
6 November 2023Bangladesh Vs Sri Lanak13:30 (YOUR TIME)Delhi
7 November 2023Australia Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Mumbai
8 November 2023England Vs Netherland13:30 (YOUR TIME)Pune
9 November 2023New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka13:30 (YOUR TIME)Bengaluru
10 November 2023South Africa Vs Afghanistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Ahmedabad
11 November 2023Australia Vs Bangladesh10:00 AMBengaluru
11 November 2023England Vs Pakistan13:30 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
12 November 2023India Vs Netherland10:00 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
15 November 2023India Vs New Zealand13:30 (YOUR TIME)Mumbai
16 November 2023Australia Vs South Africa13:30 (YOUR TIME)Kolkata
19 November 2023India vs Australia13:30 (YOUR TIME)Ahmedabad
Where is ICC 2023 World Cup schedule?

In a significant announcement, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed the match schedule for the Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023. As the two-time champions and hosts, India will have a highly anticipated clash against their archrivals Pakistan on October 15 in Ahmedabad. This marks a historic moment for India as they will be hosting the ICC ODI World Cup as the sole hosts for the first time in the tournament’s history later this year. The news has generated immense excitement among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

When odi world cup 2023 will start?

The ICC has recently released the schedule for the 2023 Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup. The tournament will kick off on 5th October at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, with an exciting match between England and New Zealand. Notably, India will host Pakistan after a gap of seven years, with an eagerly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match scheduled to take place on 15th October in Ahmedabad.