Highest Batting Average In Big Bash League In History

The highest batting average in Big Bash League history is held by JO Holder who has an average of 63.00 in 3 innings. He has scored over 62 runs in the Big Bash Cricket league.

You can look for specific player statistics or overall records to identify the batsman with the highest batting average in the history of the Big Bash League.

List of Highest Batting Average In KFC T20 Big Bash League All Time

JO Holder (SS)2020-2020336233*62.00
IA Cockbain (AS)2022-20226623971*59.75
SR Hain (BH)2023-20239918173*45.25
AU Rashid (AS)2015-201694432543.00
BJ Hodge (AS/MR/MS)2011-2018504514128842.78
SPD Smith (SS)2011-20232929965125*41.95
SE Marsh (MR/PS)2011-20237474262999*40.44
LJ Evans (PS)2021-2022151236176*40.11
MR Marsh (PS)2011-202270691904100*38.85
HM Nicholls (ST)2016-2016223835*38.00
XC Bartlett (BH)2020-2023291318842*37.60
DJM Short (HH)2016-202382822706122*37.06
KP Pietersen (MS)2014-2018333311107637.00
OA Shah (HH)2011-201422214726936.30
RT Ponting (HH)2011-20138825363*36.14
DA Warner (SS/ST)2011-202399251102*35.85
MA Carberry (PS)2014-2016151335377*35.30
MEK Hussey (PS/ST)2011-201627277769635.27
AJ Finch (MR)2011-20231021013245111*35.27
CA Lynn (AS/BH)2011-2023113111342110135.26
TA Boult (MS)2022-2023843523*35.00

Top 5 Players With Highest Batting Average In BBL 2011-2024

JO Holder (SS)

Stats (As of January 2023): BBL Teams: Sydney Sixers (SS)

Batting Average: (62.00)

JO Holder, representing the Sydney Sixers, has established himself as a reliable performer in the BBL. His consistent contributions with the bat have not only bolstered his team’s fortunes but have also earned him a position among the players with the highest batting averages.

IA Cockbain (AS)

Stats (As of January 2023): BBL Teams: Adelaide Strikers (AS)

Batting Average: 59.75

IA Cockbain’s exploits with the bat for the Adelaide Strikers have not gone unnoticed. His ability to adapt to different match situations and deliver impactful performances has contributed significantly to the team’s success.

SR Hain (BH)

Stats (as of January 2023):BBL Teams: Brisbane Heat (BH)

Batting Average: (45.25)

SR Hain, donning the Brisbane Heat jersey, has been a consistent force in the BBL. His elegant strokeplay and ability to anchor the innings have been key assets for his team.

AU Rashid (AS)

Stats (As of January 2023):BBL Teams: Adelaide Strikers (AS)

Batting Average: (43.00)

AU Rashid, known for his leg-spin wizardry, has also showcased his prowess with the bat for the Adelaide Strikers. His valuable contributions down the order have played a crucial role in defining the team’s success.

BJ Hodge (AS/MR/MS)

Stats (As of January 2023): BBL Teams: Adelaide Strikers (AS),Melbourne Renegades (MR), Melbourne Stars (MS)

Batting Average: (42.78)

A veteran of T20 cricket, BJ Hodge has graced multiple BBL teams with his presence. His adaptability and wealth of experience have translated into impressive batting averages across different seasons and teams.


The BBL continues to be a platform where batsmen shine, and these players have etched their names in history with their remarkable batting averages. As the league progresses, it will be exciting to witness if these players can maintain their stellar performances and set new benchmarks for aspiring cricketers in the Big Bash Leagu