Why do Cricketers Wear White Clothing?

If you have watched a cricket match, you must have often wondered why cricketers wear white clothing. Often, we see players in cricket wearing colorful jerseys in different types of matches, so what is the concept of white in cricket?

Let us through this article know why cricketers wear white clothing and learn to explain these reasons in detail.

Top 5 Reasons Cricketers Wear White Clothing

Usually you have noticed that  cricketers wear colorful jerseys in matches. While, you also have watched them in white jerseys which put a deep amazing sign.

Cricketers wear white clothing is one of the most interesting facts. So, let’s firstly reveal these facts in a comprehensive way. There are top five reasons cricketers wear white clothing!

Heat reflector

There is a scientifically based reason for cricketers wearing white clothing which has many health benefits as well. As you must have noticed that Test matches are played continuously for five days for a total of eight hours in which playing in intense heat is a distinct challenge for the players. Cricket starts in the summer seasons which makes it very difficult for the players to play in such a hot environment. 

Players not only showcase their journey consistency and skill for five days in test matches and showcase their talent. So you must be thinking what is the purpose of  white clothing in all these things, let’s understand !

  • It is scientifically proven that white fabric reflects heat from the environment while dark colored fabric observes heat. As the white color reflects the intensity of heat, it is scientifically proven better for the players to wear it. 
  • In extreme heat, the player has to spend a long time inside the field. His body emits a lot of heat.  In this case the sun’s rays are kept away due to wearing white clothes. 
  • White Color also reduces frequent sweating rates and dehydration in players.
  • White color jerseys also greatly reduce the risk of cricketers sunstroke.

Traditional color

There is also a traditional reason cricketers wear white clothing. An elite group of British people also played the game in the 18th century. Test matches were then considered the highest and purest in the game of cricket.

It is also an alliance between team players. However, all these concepts gave the white color the status of a traditional color

Readily Available

One of the reasons cricketers wear white is that the white color was readily available. It was a practical choice to include white in cricket. You can assume this reason by viewing the background of cricket.

Background of Cricket

If we look at the background of cricket, it originated from South East England in the 16th century, while in the 18th century, cricket gained the status of national support in Great Britain. 

Easy to spot red ball

One of the main and popular reasons why cricketers wear white clothing is that it makes it easier to find  the red ball. However, if you know enough about cricket, you will also know about different new ball rules. 

There are different balls used in different types of matches. While in test matches usually red ball use. Hence, if cricketers wear white uniform then it is quite easy to locate white ball. As there is green grass and red ball and if the players are wearing white color it looks great contrast.

On the other hand, the white color looks so transparent that the players as well as the fans watching the cricket match can easily locate the ball between the players.

Gentlemen ‘s color

It should also be noted here that the white color often represents the gentleman color, which has its own characteristic for this color. It is the end of almost all colors.  

However, cricketers look very good players in this color. As cricket is a summer sport, white color is a perfect option and it also gives a gentlemanly sense. 

Frederick Gale, 18th century English cricketer, also emphasized the white color he said:

“White is the color for the cricket field, so put on your white flannel suit.  And you shall have a piece of dandyism if you wear a straw hat and you may wear a band ribbon, provided it is a good ribbon… And your straw hat must be good and shapely, and not fit your head like a beefsteak pudding.”  


Cricketers wear white clothing to keep themselves cool in the heat and the red ball looks very clear among the white clothes and every player gives a general and classical look in white clothes.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and reveal the reasons why cricketers wear white clothing. If  want to get more information related cricket terms you can get from these links which are given below