BBL New Rules in 2023: Time-out, Power Surge, X-Factor, Bash Bhost rules in BBL 

BBL New Rule In 2023 produce some more interesting twists in the game. If you are a beginner or in search of BBL new rules this post is for you. 

But if you are not familiar with BBL let’s first clear this concept. BBL is actually a short term of the Big Bash League which is the Australian cricket league.

Every country presents a cricket team through its own country league, like the IPL (Indian Premier League), PSL (Pakistan Super League) and similarly, the BBL (Big Bash League). Okay, without further delay, let’s come to the point and understand the BBL new rules in 2023.

There are some basic rules that emphasize BBL’s new rules in 2023 and will help you a lot even if you are a beginner in cricket. Cricket Australia introduced the time-out, power surge, x-factor, and bash boost rules as the primary BBL regulations.

BBL New Rule In 2023

Timed-out rule in BBL

BBL new rule or time out rule is the introduction of a time out in the 2023 session .The time-out rule in BBL is already a defended dismissal in cricket. Big Bash organizers introduced this law as a twist.   

The concept of time emphasizes the cricket values. Actually, it is a struggle to speed up the game. A new batsman must be at their crease within 55 to 60 seconds. He should be ready to face the  next delivery. 

Moreover, if they do not comply with the new regulations they must fend off and let the bowler have a free delivery. Hence, the batter is out if the bowler hits the stump.

So, the time is currently under consideration. Everyone agree with this new BBL 2023 rule  that the game need to speed up 

Power Surge Rule In BBL

This new BBL law or power surge law in BBL allows for a second batting powerplay. Here is a point to note that a fielding side can only have two fielder outside 30 yard fielding ground. It is actually a two-over period.  

Therefore, nine fielders located inside that inner ring. From the 11th over to the onward batting side called for the power surge at any point. Moreover, the fielding team can change the planned bowler. 

 Interestingly, this law introduces an element of tactics in powerplay. In addition, the batting team now has some positive aspects like it can observe or predict the circumstances and decide when to take that Power Surge in the game.

As on all traditional laws many people show different directions so here also people present different views regarding Power Surge law in BBL. But personally I like it as this law introduces some more things and twists in the game. 

X-Factor Player Rule in BBL

According to BBL new rules in 2023, X-Factor player rule is basically a substitution of players in the Big Bash team. So, now you are thinking about what type of substitution? Meanwhile, I am going to explain to you in detail. In spite of that, 11 original players who come to the pitch team will name two more players. For instance, you can say they are the 12th and 13th players. The purpose of doing this is that after the 10th over of the first innings, they can call either. But it is a point to note they can’t introduce both.   

Things on which Substitution Depends

There are two main factors which are essential and must be remember for replacement of the player:

  1. The player who does not have already batted can be replaced.
  2. 2nd thing which you keep in mind is that the replaced player must not have bowled more than one over. 

To clarify, above things, the X-Factor can come onto the field. To sum up, they can play a complete game as bowling a maximum of four overs and also take place in the batting line.

This BBL new rule was introduced in 2020/21 BBL, but that time was not embraced well. Further, this BBL rule took until the 8th game before an X-Factor substitution was made. 

However, we did start to see it with more and more punctuality and watchfully. 

Okay, they tend to follow these rules mostly found in bowling or fielding. Replacement of a player in the fielding side brings a lot of versatility in the game. For example, if they bring many seam bowlers on a cricket ground. They can pick a slow man as a X-Factor.

In addition, if a bowler shows poor performance in first over they may notice and substitute with X-Factor.

Subsequently, replacement of sixth bowler with batsman and vice versa, can change the entire map of the game. So, this part of the rule may cause criticism in the game.

What’s more, once a side is picked, it is usually thought that the team should adhere to that 11 players.  Consequently, it also considers that poor selection may have a negative impact on the game. Definitely, but that’s all part of the game.   

Bash Boost In BBL

The Bash Boost is actually a bonus point to a team on his good performance at the end of ten overs. It is basically a tip or reward to a team which scores well or performs best.   

Advantage of Big Bash in BBL

The Big Bash bonus sometimes gives mixed reception but it has more interesting advantages. There are some benefits of this BBL new rule in 2023. 

  • If the side who is batting second lost early wickets and even on the edge of losing the game . This Big Bash can provide them encouragement.
  • It increases the curiosity of the fans that a losing team can again gain momentum. 
  • A dead game can get enthusiasm as it encourages fast scoring at all points. 
  • By the way, everyone is a fan of this rule as I am.  

Bottom lines

BBL new rules in 2023 have more interestings and facts on the game. While, these laws bring twists for both the balling and batting team. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you want to get more information from all small to big terms of cricket you can go to the links which i have mentioned below.


How Can A Team Get Big Boost in the BBL?

At the end of tenth over of the second innings, the scores are compared and assessed. After that the team with the highest score gets the Bash Boost point.