Bat Gripping Methods That Improve Your Batting Skills in cricket 2024

To learn Bat gripping is very important if you have the desire to become a good batsman. The way you grip the bat has a potential impact on your shot. There are a lot of types of shot. but the question is here: how to grip a bat?

In this article, I have mentioned different methods to hold a bat during a match. These methods definitely ensure that you improve your batting abilities. However, for beginners in cricket, it is going to provide complete instructions in a concise manner. 

How Do You Grip a Bat In Cricket?

This is an often-asked question for beginners about how to hold the bat. So, let’s first understand this concept briefly!

There are a lot of ways to hold the bat. Basically, bat grip determines how you make contact with the ball. It also impacts the swinging of the ball. 

The most conventional and best method to grip the bat is V-Grip. Actually, as its name indicates, ‘V’, which demonstrates that your hand position is so that your thumb and index fingers create two separate V shapes,

However, other grips are the open-face grip, the Bradman grip, and the closed-face grip. 

Position of fingers for V-Grip

For this grip, first align both of your hands along the back of the bat handle. In this way, your thumb and index fingers form space in V shapes. 

V-Grip in cricket

If you are a beginner in cricket, then I recommend you start your batting practice with this grip. There are a lot of batsmen who adopt this bat-gripping style. Moreover, it helps you play all shots easily. Hence, V-Grip for bat gripping is the best method for newcomers to cricket. 

Bat holding position for V-Grip

If you are familiar with V-Grip but don’t know how to hold the bat for V-Grip, don’t worry; let’s learn together step by step!

Step 1 for V-Grip: 

First, put the bat on the cricket field in such a position that the face of the bat is pointing downward and the head should be pointing toward you.

Step 2 for V-Grip:

Put your hand on top if you are a right-handed batsman, then it will be your right hand on top of the bat. On the other hand, if you are a left-handed batsman, then your left hand will be on top of the bat. 

Ok, come to the point now: you will make a V-shaped grip. For this, position your thumb and index finger. 

Step 3 for V-Grip

Keep your hand in that position and hold the bat. Although, for holding, you will place your hands on the back of the bat. 

Step 4 for V-Grip

Interestingly, this is the last step of your bat gripping position for V-Grip. Now wrap your hand and pick up the bat. Here, the most important thing you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t hold the bat too tightly. Further, the toe of the bat should be toward the ground. 

Closed-Face Grip in Cricket

You have noticed that some players play through the leg side rather than the off side. Moreover, the reason behind this is that they adopt that position, through which they can grip the bat in a comfortable position. 

The bat gripping way when the bat face is slightly closed even when he is in batting stance is called closed face grip.

If you want to get a close observation of this bat gripping way, you can notice Graeme Smith. He is the former captain of South Africa. Furthermore, this technique proved very beneficial for him.

The main difference between V-Grip and closed-face grip is that in closed-face grip, you hold the bat from the bottom of your hand tightly.

But the noticeable thing is that gripping the bat with this method is more difficult. When you hold the bat with your bottom hand tightly, it is more difficult to angle the bat to the side. 

 Further, not all players grip the bat with this method. But if you are comfortable with this, you can play. 

Open Face Grip In Cricket

The bat gripping method when you play with a horizontal bat and the bat face is open is called open face grip in cricket.

But a minority of batsmen play with this batting method. Open face grip helps the batsman during Yorkers. When the bowler bowls a lot of yorkers, then this bat gripping method proves very beneficial. 

The players usually adopt this method in some circumstances or by chance to hit efficiently. This grip helps the batsman hit the deliveries square of the wicket on the off side. Furthermore, he can get creative score runs by using this grip. 

Although, for close observation, you can see batsman Jos Buttler. He uses these techniques against the bowler who bowls yorkers. 

Don Bradman Grip in cricket

Don Bradman was a well known player in the 1900s. He used this method for bat gripping. Many of the batsmen adopt this method for bat gripping.

It is an unorthodox batting technique. This grip is somehow similar to the V-Grip in cricket. When you grip the bat in the V-Grip method, then rotate your bottom hand. In this way, the bottom hand will go underneath the bat.

Secondly, rotate your bottom hand slightly in such a manner that your wrist is behind the handle of the bat. 


I hope you have enough information about all bat gripping methods. V-grip is the most common way to hold the bat. Further, if you are a batter or in search of batting skills, this post on cricket batting tips is definitely for you. 


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