All-Time T20I Players Bowling Rankings in cricket

All-Time T20I Players Bowling Rankings in cricket

Complete List of All-Time T20I Bowling Rankings In Cricket with players name, team , rating, date attained According to the ICC ranking

T20 International (T20I) cricket has revolutionized the game, bringing fast-paced action and nail-biting moments to the forefront. While batting prowess often takes center stage, the art of bowling in T20I cricket is equally crucial.

In this article, we delve into the thrilling world of T20I bowling and explore the all-time rankings of players who have excelled in this format. From skillful pacers to cunning spinners, these rankings showcase the top performers who have left an indelible mark on the T20I stage.

T20I Players Bowling Rankings Rule :

The T20I Players Bowling Rankings are determined based on a set of rules and criteria established by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The rankings take into account various statistical factors to assess the performance of bowlers in T20 International cricket matches. Here is a list of the key rules and factors considered in the T20I Players Bowling Rankings:

Performance Points:

Players are awarded performance points based on their performances in T20I matches. The number of wickets taken, average runs conceded per wicket, economy rate, and overall impact on the game are factors considered in calculating these points.

Quality of Opposition:

The rankings take into account the quality of opposition faced by the bowler. Performing well against strong teams or in high-pressure situations is given more weightage in the rankings.

Match Situation:

The context of the match and the impact of the bowler’s performance on the outcome of the game are considered. Taking wickets in crucial moments or restricting the opposition’s scoring rate in challenging conditions can influence the rankings.

Weighted Points:

The performance points are weighted based on the time period in which the matches were played. Recent performances are given more importance than older ones. This ensures that the rankings reflect the current form of the players.

Minimum Qualification:

To be eligible for the rankings, players must meet certain criteria, such as a minimum number of matches played or wickets taken. This ensures that the rankings are based on a sufficient sample size and are not influenced by a small number of exceptional performances.

Updates and Revisions:

The T20I Players Bowling Rankings are updated periodically to reflect the performances of players. New matches and series results are taken into account, and players’ rankings may change based on their recent performances.

Ranking Points:

Each player is assigned a certain number of ranking points based on their performance. The points determine their ranking position, with higher points indicating a higher ranking.

Ranking Period:

The rankings cover a specific time period, generally one year. The points earned in this period contribute to a player’s overall ranking. As the ranking period progresses, older performances are gradually phased out, and new performances carry more weight.

These rules and criteria ensure that the T20I Players Bowling Rankings provide a fair and objective assessment of a bowler’s performance in T20 International cricket. The rankings help identify and recognize the top-performing bowlers in the format and serve as a valuable reference for fans, players, and teams.

Complete List of All-Time T20I Bowling Rankings In Cricket

1Umar Gul PAK857857 v New Zealand, 13/06/2009
2Samuel Badree WI855855 v Pakistan, 01/04/2014
3Daniel Vettori NZ850850 v Australia, 26/02/2010
4Tabraiz Shamsi SA821821 v West Indies, 03/07/2021
5Sunil Narine WI817817 v Pakistan, 28/07/2013
6Rashid Khan AFG816816 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2018
7Shahid Afridi PAK814814 v Sri Lanka, 12/08/2009
8Josh Hazlewood AUS806806 v Sri Lanka, 13/02/2022
9Wanindu Hasaranga SL797797 v West Indies, 04/11/2021
10Imran Tahir SA795795 v New Zealand, 17/02/2017
11Saeed Ajmal PAK788788 v New Zealand, 23/09/2012
12Imad Wasim PAK780780 v West Indies, 02/04/2017
13Shadab Khan PAK769769 v Scotland, 13/06/2018
14Shaun Tait AUS769769 v Pakistan, 07/07/2010
15Ravichandran Ashwin IND765765 v Sri Lanka, 14/02/2016
16Jasprit Bumrah IND764764 v England, 01/02/2017
17Ajantha Mendis SL762762 v West Indies, 07/10/2012
18Graeme Swann ENG760760 v Pakistan, 07/09/2010
19Adil Rashid ENG746746 v West Indies, 30/01/2022
20Mujeeb Ur Rahman AFG745745 v Ireland, 08/03/2020

FAQ About All Time Bowling Ranking

Who is the No 1 bowler in T20I history?

Umar Gul is the top of the list in All-Time T20I Players Bowling Rankings in cricket. According to the ICC ranking


The all-time T20I players bowling rankings provide a glimpse into the exceptional talent and skill possessed by the world’s best bowlers in this format.

From spin wizards to yorker specialists, these rankings highlight the remarkable contributions of players who have shaped the game with their craft.

As T20I cricket continues to evolve, these rankings serve as a testament to the brilliance and impact of bowlers in the shortest format of the game.


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