“Agriculture Shot in Cricket” Cricket Term Complete Guide

Agriculture shot is a term in the sport of cricket. In cricket, there are many numbers of cricket terms that leave the signs of complexity on the beginner’s face. Moreover, a lot of varieties are present in the shots of the batsman. There are the following names for some of the shots:

 If you are in search of an agriculture shot in cricket, this post is definitely for you.

 He is a complete guide for you on what agriculture is in cricket.  let’s cover the detailed concept of this shot. 

What is “Agriculture Shot” in Cricket? 

An agriculture shot is a type of shot in cricket in which a bat digs up a chunk of the pitch and swings across the line of the ball. There is no requirement for a specific technique to play this shot in the match. You know the reason behind the name of this shot in cricket? Actually, when the batsman attempted to play agriculture, that bat dug up a chunk of the pitch, which is why it is called an agriculture shot. 

Features of agriculture shot

There are some features of “agriculture shot” in the sport of cricket. These features basically demonstrate the characteristics of the agriculture shot. 

Following are these!

No Need of technique 

For playing an agriculture shot in cricket, there is no need for proper technique. Agriculture shot in cricket does not demand technique to play well.  Lack of efficiency cannot effect this shot.  

Moreover, there is also no need for a manual coach to guide you to play agriculture shots in cricket. For this shot, there is no fixed body or head position. No efficiency is required in wrist movement. Interestingly, the method of bat gripping also does not contain proper methods and techniques.  

Powerful Shot

The agriculture shot in cricket is a powerful and strong shot. As for playing it, a proper method is not required.   

Ball Travels To Cow Corner 

When the bowler bowls a delivery efficiently, the batsman can play this shot aggressively. Furthermore, the batsman hit the ball hard. The cricket ball that is played with an agriculture shot often travels to the cow corner in the field of cricket. Cow Corner is an area of the field on the left side of the batsman. 

Damage The Pitch 

As the bat digs up the pitch, it affects that area. Moreover, this shot is too powerful, so it damages the pitch on the cricket field. 

Bat Moves As Scythe 

When the batsman plays ball with the use of an agriculture shot, the bat acts as a scythe. Do you know what a scythe is? It is a tool for cutting crops. Now you are thinking about what the relation of cricket is to this. Let’s first discuss it the arc of the swing that produces an agriculture shot resembles a scything motion. The farmer uses a scythe to produce this motion for cutting crops or vegetables. 

An Example of Agriculture Shot in Cricket 

A perfect example of this type of shot in cricket is slog and hoick. Basically it is force ful swing of the bat. A little bit footwork required for it. You know what is the advantage of this shot. Actualy the batsman use thse shot when he is under pressure and try to make runs in cricket. 

But somehow it is risky shot because it lack on controlof the batt. So the chances of batsman dismissal is more when he is playing an agricultural shot. But if he has command then he is the master of the his team. .

Bottom lines:

Agriculture shot in cricket is one of the shot which hit the bat hardly. I hope now you have an idea about this amazing term of cricket. Although, If you want to get command over different types of cricket shots, you can go through this post on different types of cricket shots with techniques and drills. Moreover, in this post, I explained all the shots with proper techniques and drills that will definitely help you


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