What is Meant by ‘White Cream Cricketers? Why Do Cricketers Use It?

What is Meant by White Cream Cricketers Why Do Cricketers Use It

‘White Cream Cricketers’ This term often leaves people wondering what it is and why it is used. In this article you are going to get answers to such questions like what is white cream and why cricketers apply it on their face as well as how to remove it from body parts. 

So, let’s first understand about white cream cricketers!

White cream cricketers is a physical sunscreen which is basically zinc oxide and helps to prevent the skin from the harmful sun rays like UVB and UVA.

It is a reflector that acts as a strong protective layer. Cricketers apply this on top of the skin in this way the sun harmful rays are away from the skin.

White-collar cricketers play a vital role in prevention of harmful rays as players deal with sun rays for about six hours during the match.

The exposure of sunlight can be very harmful so this zinc oxide reflector, white cream, is a good way to limit damage to sensitive skin. 

Advantages of Zinc Oxide White Cream Cricketers

The cricketer’s white cream has some wonderful advantages over other chemical sun  sunscreens. There are some benefits of white cream:

Immediately work

The biggest benefit of white cream is that it starts work as quickly as it applies on skin. On the other hand, other chemical creams do not work fast. These creams often start work after twenty minutes. This quality distinguishes white cream cricketers from other chemical creams.

Heal skin

White cream cricketers can help to heal the skin. As zinc oxide never causes any severe effect so it’s not harmful. 

Reduce inflammation

Zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to treat minor skin ailments such as burns, cuts, minor wounds, dandruff and eczema. Hence white cream can reduce inflammation.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Cricketers white cream is medicated ointment and paste of zinc oxide which is suitable for sensitive skin. It prevents itching. 

How To Apply Zinc Oxide White Cream?

You should apply a decent amount of white cream on that area where you feel susceptible to harmful sun rays. You have to see mostly cricketers apply zinc oxide cream on their head, face, hand, and neck as these areas are exposed by UV sun rays. 

But your first priority should be to apply it on those areas which you feel burn first. These areas are usually the ear, neck, forehead and nose. It is noting that wherever you put the cream it’s entirely up to you. 

When you want to apply you should first take a cream tube or containers and extract a good amount of cream onto your fingertips. Then apply it on areas which are susceptible to sun rays.

Moreover, don’t worry about the amount of cream when you’re going to apply. Let’s clear this confusion. You should tend to pour it onto the top sections of your index and middle fingers before spreading it onto the parts of your body. I think it is enough to apply. You can extract more if you assume this does not cover your desired area. 

Interestingly, some cricketers apply white cream in a pattern. You have to notice this pattern that seems like war paint. However, a mirror can prove very helpful for applying this sunscreen in a pattern that gives you a scarier look. 

Some Guidelines Regarding White Cream Cricketer

  • According to FDA guidelines, approximately after two hours you should reapply  sunscreen. For example, if you are doing hard activity such as playing cricket in heat which causes sweating  you may even have to reapply more often. 
  • It should be noted that sunscreen is not enough to prevent your skin from harmful rays.
  • If you apply a large amount of white cream on your body parts that are susceptible to harmful rays it will do best work. 
  •  Ensure that your areas that are susceptible to harmful rays are sufficiently covered. 

How to Remove White Cream Cricketers From Body Parts?

There is often a difficulty to remove zinc oxide sunscreen from the skin because the method of removing the white cream is not as simple or easy as some people assume. While you have used this cream for that time which you require then that is a time to remove it from the face. Because this sticky cream can trap dust on your face if you apply it for a long time. 

Without delay let’s first discuss the method which is quite wonderful and helps you to remove the zinc oxide white cream from the skin. 

I assure you this method will prove very beneficial for you!

  • First you should apply a little amount of warm water on that area where you have applied zinc oxide sunscreen. Warm water should apply periodically as it provides lubrication and makes it easy to remove it from the skin.
  • Secondly, get a soap and apply it on that area then with the use of your hand apply it gently. In this way the white cream will lubricate and remove from your body smoothly. 
  • If the white cream is not removed as quickly as you want don’t put your hand aggressively on your body parts but also at this time you should apply water again then rub your hand gently. 

Bottom lines

So it was an important question that every cricketer asks to protect his skin from the harmful effects of the sun, which sunscreen to use and how to apply it. Finally, you have got a solution to this critical problem. White cream cricketers use sunscreen to protect themselves from the dangerous rays of the sun while playing in a six hour match. 

For more information regarding your sensitive skin or sunscreen you can ask from your doctor. I hope this article will help you alot. If you want to get more information regarding cricket you can get information from the links which are given below. 


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