What is a leg’s stump in cricket? Basic information about leg’s stump guard 

The leg’s stump in cricket is one of the elements of the wicket. Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, you should have knowledge about stump lines and length. If you have an idea about the stump line, you can master your skills.

But don’t worry; here is a complete guide for you on the leg stump in cricket. Now we are going to study what a stump is in cricket and a leg’s stump in cricket in comprehensive detail. 

What is a Stump in cricket?

Stumps are a vital component of the wicket. A wicket consists of three stumps. It plays a major role in the formation of the wicket. Stumps are basically vertical sticks or blocks that form a wicket and support the bail.

The bails are positioned on the stump. Moreover, the three stumps and two bails composition is called a wicket. 

Here are some of the most relevant terms related to stumps: Knowledge of these terms or things is essential. Let’s first clear them up with enthusiasm

Meaning of stumping in cricket

 A method through which a batsman is dismissed or considered to be out is called stumping in cricket. In other words, you can also say the batsman is being stumped. 

Meaning of stumps when the Umpire Calls

If you have watched a match earlier or are a fan of the sport of cricket, you have heard the stumps from the umpire. Do you know what it means? 

It may be that sometimes commentators use this word. By the way, let’s get to the point. 

When an umpire calls the word stumps during the match, it means that the play is over for the day. 

How Many Stumps Are In Cricket?

As you already have an idea about the stump, the point to note is that there are three stumps that support the bails. These stumps are the following: 

  • Off stump,
  • Center stump
  • Leg’s stump

What is off Stump In Cricket?

An off stump is a stump that is positioned on the off side of the wicket. Another way to notice it is that it is present where the bat is. 

What is Center Stump In Cricket?

As the name indicates, the center stump is between the leg’s stump and the off stump. The line that moves toward the center stump is the center stump line, or straight stump line.

What is Leg’s Stump in Cricket?

The stump that is on the same side as the batsman’s leg is called the leg’s stump in cricket. Moreover, the leg’s stump is on the side of the wicket. A player who usually wants to play through the offside more can take a leg stump guard.   

Leg’s Stump Guard in Cricket

Leg stmp guard means that you take a guard on the leg’s stump side when you are in your stance. Stump guards give you an idea of where your stump is. 

Advantages of Leg Stump Guard 

If you are playing while taking a leg’s stump guard, you have very few chances of dismissing the batsman during the match. There are some basic advantages to a leg stump guard in cricket:

  • It proves very beneficial when a fast bowler is bowling during the match. Because he often targets the leg stump. 
  • Moreover, a player plays very confidently.
  • A batsman plays different types of shots efficiently and aggressively without any risk of injury. 
  • Anyhow, it plays a major role in preventing hitting the ball with leg’s stump. 
  • Further, the batsman has no worry that the ball by fast bowler hits the leg stump

I hope you have enjoyed this comprehensive guide. But for more information about the leg stump, you should be aware of the LBW rule in cricket. If you want to evaluate more cricket terms, you can go to the link that I mentioned below. This will definitely prove beneficial for you.  


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