The Hundred Cricket League kits: All team Jerseys and 2024 Hundred

The Hundred All Teams Kits season revealed as eight teams get updated

The Hundred Cricket League All Teams jerseys Official Launch 2024 Each team’s jersey represents their unique identity and helps fans show their support for their favorite team.

The Hundred, a thrilling and innovative cricket tournament, has taken the cricketing world by storm with its unique format and exciting gameplay

Alongside the fast-paced action on the field, another aspect that captures fans’ attention is the vibrant and stylish team jerseys and dress code.

we will explore the kits of all teams participating in The Hundred, adding an extra dash of flair to the tournament.

The Hundred All Teams Kits for 2024 season revealed as eight teams get updated

Birmingham Phoenix Jersey 2024:

The Birmingham Phoenix team embraces a striking red and black color scheme. Their jersey showcases a predominantly red design with black accents, creating a bold and fierce look. The Phoenix logo is prominently displayed, symbolizing the team’s strength and determination.

Birmingham Phoenix official licensed New Balance playing shirt
Birmingham Phoenix official licensed New Balance playing shirt

London Spirit Players Kits 2024:

The London Spirit team stands out with its light blue and navy blue jerseys. The light blue base color exudes a sense of calmness and serenity, while the navy blue accents add a touch of sophistication. The Spirit logo, featuring a stylized lion’s head, represents the team’s resilience and pride.

London Spirit official licensed New Balance playing shirt
London Spirit official licensed New Balance playing shirt

Manchester Originals Plyers Playing Kit 2024:

Manchester Originals dons a predominantly purple jersey, exuding an aura of royalty and uniqueness. The team’s logo, inspired by the iconic worker bee symbol of Manchester, takes center stage on the jersey, symbolizing the city’s industrious spirit and unity.


Northern Superchargers Plyers Playing Jersey 2024:

The Northern Superchargers opt for a vibrant purple and lime green combination for their jersey. The contrasting colors create a visually appealing look, with the team’s logo, a roaring lion, capturing the essence of strength and determination.

Super Northern Chargers official licensed New Balance playing shirt.
Super Northern Chargers official licensed New Balance playing shirt.

Oval Invincibles Official Kits 2024:

The Oval Invincibles team sports a sophisticated and classy black and light blue jersey. The black base represents power and elegance, while the light blue accents add a touch of freshness. The team’s logo, an “O” with a crown, symbolizes their aspiration for invincibility.


Southern Brave Players Kits:

Southern Brave embraces a bold and dynamic color scheme with their predominantly black jersey featuring flashes of vibrant red. The team’s logo, a fiery phoenix, reflects their resilience and passion on the field.


Trent Rockets Jersey player 2024

The Trent Rockets team dons a vibrant red and black jersey, representing power and energy. The team’s logo, a rocket soaring high, captures their ambition and determination to excel in the tournament.

Trent Rockets official licensed New Balance playing shirt.
Trent Rockets official licensed New Balance playing shirt.

Welsh Fire Plyers Kits 2024:

Welsh Fire stands out with their fiery combination of red and yellow for their jersey. The red base symbolizes intensity and passion, while the yellow accents add a touch of vibrancy. The team’s logo, a majestic dragon, epitomizes their strength and fierceness.

Welsh Fire official licensed New Balance playing shirt.

FAQ About Jersey In 100 Cricket League

How many players is a 100 team?

In The Hundred cricket tournament, each team consists of a total of 15 players. This includes both international and domestic players. The teams are allowed to field 11 players during a match, with four players designated as substitutes. The 11 players on the field participate in the game, while the substitutes serve as potential replacements in case of injury or tactical changes. The squad composition allows for flexibility and strategic decisions by the team management throughout the tournament.

Who sponsors The Hundred shirts?

The Hundred cricket tournament has different team sponsors for each team, and these sponsors are typically featured on the team shirts. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here is a list of the team sponsors for The Hundred:
Birmingham Phoenix: Vodafone
London Spirit: Corinthia Hotels
Manchester Originals: JD Sports
Northern Superchargers: FBB – Fashion at Big Bazaar
Oval Invincibles: Kia Motors
Southern Brave: KP Snacks
Trent Rockets: KP Snacks
Welsh Fire: Rockstar Energy Drink
Please note that sponsorship deals and team sponsors may change from season to season.


The team jerseys and dress code in The Hundred add a vibrant and stylish element to the tournament. Each team’s colors and logos reflect their unique identities, while the white dress code of the players creates a modern and unified appearance. As fans witness the thrilling action on the field, they can also appreciate the aesthetic appeal brought by the teams’ jerseys and dress code, adding to the overall excitement of The Hundred.


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