Most Runs In Bangladesh Premier League In Cricket History

The Bangladesh Premier League BPL Most Run has witnessed some of the most prolific run-scorers in Twenty20 (T20) cricket history. These players have consistently delivered high-scoring innings, entertaining fans and contributing significantly to their respective teams’ successes.

List of Players With Most Run in BPL 2012-2024

Tamim Iqbal (BRSAL/CHV/CV/DP/Kings/KT/MGD/RAJHI)2012-20241041033422141*37.6123.2228111
Mushfiqur Rahim (BB/BRSAL/CHV/KT/RAJHI/RK/Royal/SSS/SYS)2012-2024126120326298*36.65131.7421101
Mahmudullah (BB/BRSAL/CC/Kings/KT/MGD)2012-202411911125207327.09122.81296
Shakib Al Hasan (Bngls/BRSAL/DD/Glads/RR)2012-2024113108239789*26.93139.361389
Anamul Haque (BRSAL/CHV/CV/DP/Glads/KT/SS)2012-202411911323848323.14118.011289
Imrul Kayes (CC/CV/Royal/RR)2012-2024111109234081*23.87117.291197
Mohammad Mithun (Bngls/Burnr/DHD/RR/SS/ST/SYS)2012-202411198208584*24.82116.351080
Litton Das (CV/Glads/RR/SS)2013-2024959120758523.57127.691273
Sabbir Rahman (BB/Burnr/CC/CW/KT/RAJHI/RK/SS)2012-20239688174012221.48118.93571
CH Gayle (BB/BRSAL/Burnr/CC/CHV/Glads/RR)2012-202252521723146*38.28148.46143
Najmul Hossain Shanto (BRSAL/CV/KT/SYS)2016-202483791712115*24.11113.15640
Afif Hossain (CC/KT/RK/RR/SS)2016-2024747015977624.95123.6560
Soumya Sarkar (BRSAL/CHV/CW/DHD/Glads/KT/RAJHI/RK/RR)2012-20249997153688*18.07113.1654
Nasir Hossain (Bngls/CC/DD/DHD/RR/SS)2012-2023806814518025.45115.98541
Shoaib Malik (BRSAL/CHV/CV/RR)2015-2024595714378735.92126.05855
Mominul Haque K(Burnr/CV/DP/RK/Royal/RR/SSS)2012-2024837213649120.35107.31728
Rony Talukdar (BB/DD/KT/RK/RR/ST)2015-2024737013236719.45120.82740
Mosaddek Hossain (CHV/CV/DD/DRD/SS/ST)2015-20248775128760*24.75111.23237
Nurul Hasan (BRSAL/CC/DD/Kings/RK/RR/SS/SSS)2013-20241029012706120.48121.06142
RR Rossouw (KT/RR)2017-202037361240100*44.28148.85955
ADS Fletcher (BRSAL/KT/SS/ST)2016-202340401156103*34128.73651
Mehidy Hasan Miraz (BRSAL/CC/KT/RK)2016-20249075115687*18.06121.81443
E Lewis (BB/CV/DD/KT)2015-202441391152109*34.9148.83673
Ahmed Shehzad (BRSAL/Burnr/CV/DHD)2012-202438381133113*34.33131.74837
RS Bopara (DD/Kings/RR/SS/SSS)2013-2022696011095924.1113.04531
Jahurul Islam (CHV/DD/Kings/KT/MGD/RAJHI/RPR/RR)2012-20227973109762*19.24110.69429
MN Samuels (CV/RAJHI)2012-2017353310397247.22121.09938
Yasir Ali (CHV/CW/KT/SYS)2015-2024564810287824.47122.38648
NLTC Perera (BB/CV/DP/KT/RR/SYS)2015-20237665101874*23.67148.83155
Towhid Hridoy (BRSAL/CV/SS/SYS)2019-202439371009108*31.53132.93741
Ariful Haque (CV/DHD/DP/Kings/KT/RAJHI/SYS)2012-2024816710045720.91118.25133
Mohammad Naim (DD/DRD/MGD/RPR/RR)2019-202450489987822.68110.03431
Shahriar Nafees (BB/Bngls/Burnr/RK/RR)2012-20194543976102*25.68105.97618
Shamsur Rahman (BB/CV/DD/Kings/KT/MGD/RR/SYS)2012-2024494396698*25.42118.67832
AD Russell (Bngls/CV/DD/MGD/RR)2012-2024595096654*35.77168.58182
Junaid Siddique (CC/KT/RAJHI/RK/RR/SSS)2012-2020454595589*22.73126.82333
J Charles (CV/RK/RR/ST)2017-20243433906107*31.24142.22461
Ziaur Rahman (BRSAL/CC/CHV/CV/Kings/RAJHI/RR)2012-202475599036021128.44161
DJ Malan (BB/CV/CW/KT)2016-20232828869100*34.76131.46534
Mohammad Shahzad (CHV/MGD/RPR/RR)2016-2022333384180*27.12127.81433
Zakir Hasan (CC/CHV/RK/RPR/SYS)2016-2024605284070*17.87117.81428

Bangladesh Premier League Top 5 Players Most Run All Time

1. Tamim Iqbal (CHV/CV/DP/Kings/KT/MGD/RAJHI)

Tamim Iqbal is a Bangladeshi left-handed opening batsman and one of the most experienced and successful players in BPL history. He has been a consistent run-scorer throughout his career, holding the record for the most runs scored in BPL. Iqbal’s aggressive batting style and ability to score runs at a rapid pace have made him a valuable asset to his teams.

2. Mushfiqur Rahim (BB/CHV/KT/RAJHI/RK/Royal/SSS/SYS)

Mushfiqur Rahim is a Bangladeshi wicketkeeper-batsman and another prolific run-scorer in BPL. He is known for his calm and composed batting style, often anchoring the middle order and providing stability to his team’s innings. Rahim has also been a reliable wicketkeeper throughout his BPL career.

3. Mahmudullah (BB/BRSAL/CC/Kings/KT/MGD)

Mahmudullah is a Bangladeshi right-handed all-rounder who has established himself as a consistent run-scorer in BPL. He is known for his ability to adapt to different situations, playing both attacking and anchoring roles depending on the team’s requirements. Mahmudullah’s all-round abilities have made him a valuable asset to his teams.

4. Imrul Kayes (CC/CV/Royal/RR)

Imrul Kayes is a Bangladeshi left-handed opening batsman who has been a prolific run-scorer in BPL’s early seasons. He is known for his solid technique and ability to score runs steadily. Kayes’ contributions have been significant in shaping the league’s early years.

5. Shakib Al Hasan (Bngls/BRSAL/DD/Glads/RR)

Shakib Al Hasan is a Bangladeshi all-rounder who has been a consistent run-scorer and match-winner in BPL. He is known for his versatility, often contributing with both bat and ball. Shakib’s ability to score big runs and take crucial wickets has made him a formidable player in the league.


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