Government Council Meeting of Upcoming PSL 9 September 25 2023

On Monday, September 25, 2023, the meeting of the Pakistan Super League PSL 9 Governor Council was held at the National Cricket Academy, Lahore. The matters of the Pakistan Super League were settled under the supervision of Mr. Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the PCB Management Committee.

Let’s cover the important points of the Pakistan Super League Government Council meeting:

Let’s cover the important points of the Pakistan Super League Government Council meeting:

Decision of PCB Regarding Teams 

Only six teams will play in the ninth season of the Pakistan Super League; no additional teams will be added. The PCB will now revise women’s cricket and provide many opportunities to the women’s league for its promotion.

Schedule of Pakistan Super League 9

PCB has not yet confirmed the final schedule, but the next meeting will decide it. However, the meeting scene revealed that PSL Nine will be held from February 8 to March 24, 2024.

PCB In Search of Alternative Venues

In the meeting, it was announced that PCB is continuously working with the franchisees. It is his best effort to explore several alternative venues for upcoming difficult situations. It’s the best step for the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Zaka Ashraf mentioned Alamgir Tareen

In the meeting, Allamgir, who is the farmer-owner of Multan Sultan, was highly appreciated for his services to cricket. PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf missed him a lot because of his dedication.

Discussion on the Organization of PSL 9

In the meeting, there was a long discussion on the organization of PSL Nine, in which digital media rights and other commercial assistants were also highlighted.

Report of PSL 8

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the PSLA, which further elaborated on its development. Moreover, Franchise appreciates the efforts of PCB Government Agency, which helps the venues for delivery of various events.


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