Prospects of PSL 2024 In UAE and Clash with IPL Due to Election

Prospects of PSL 2024 In UAE and Clash with IPL Due to Election

According to sources, PCB has decided that Dubai will be the venue for the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) due to the upcoming elections in February or March. Scheduling conflicts have had a profound impact on PSL 2024, the ninth edition.

As the elections are in between the dates of PSL 2024, the governing body is going to hold a meeting of PSL on September 25, at which the alternative venue will be chosen.

The President of Pakistan had fixed the date of the election for November 6. However, the Election Committee of Pakistan rejected the schedule given by the President and changed the expected dates to February and March.

Due to the selection of Dubai for PSL 2024, there are many other things to face, the biggest of which is that the Indian Premier League (IPL) will clash with the PSL.

Franchise is worried because of this flying news; he is not in favor of making a Dubai venue. Due to the scheduling conflict of IPL and PSL, fan participation is also affected.

Therefore, there have been quite a few revelations that huge cricket fans and avid foreign participants don’t participate in the Pakistan Super League. 

On the other hand, there is also a possibility that the number of cricket fans attending the IPL and the number of die-hard cricket fans will be affected. The reason for the IPL schedule being disturbed is the elections in India. 

According to a source, there is protection only in delaying the cases of PSL 2024.

The words of the franchise owners have made us reconsider that not making Pakistan for the upcoming Pakistan Super League, the ninth edition is a loss for Pakistan.

If his words are to be translated into pearls, they are that there was a lot of struggle to bring PSL to Pakistan, and now it is a loss that we are getting comments about bringing the domestic league to Dubai.

So, if PSL takes place in Dubai, then we are forced to say that the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League has become homeless.

However, The news we bring reveals that big decisions are about to be made and more challenges will be faced by all.


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