IPL Chairman: IPL 2024 Will Host by India Despite The General Elections

IPL Chairman IPL 2024 Will Host by India Despite The General Elections

IPL chairman Arun Damal has confirmed that the 9th edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League) 2024 will be held in India despite next year’s general elections.

However, it is worth noting that the IPL faced similar issues in 2019. Even then, the IPL was scheduled around the election dates. The centers won the game when the voting in the state was over or about to begin. Similarly, this time there is also a dire need for police officers on election dates in various districts.

On the other hand, if the IPL 17 edition is similar to the voting process, the citizens will face difficulties providing security for the IPL.

The 17th edition of the IPL will go ahead as per schedule in March or May. It will play along with the assembly elections for the next prime minister elections.

Indian Premier League Chairman Dhumal confirmed to Jagran News that the IPL date will be announced only after the election dates.

However, Dhumal said that the IPL will be held in India next year. We need time to make the schedule because it will be announced after the election committee declares the general election dates.

THey also have to look when the states will hold their elections and will make their schedule accordingly. We will have to wait and work with the government.

If we look back in history, it has happened three times in 2019, 2009, and 2014 that IPL matches coincided with assembly elections.

In 2009, due to this, the entire IPL tournament was held in South Africa. It is worth noting that in 2014, the first 20 matches of the competition were held in the UAE before shifting to India in May.

So here it is clear that India has tried its best to hold the IPL in India, despite facing such a situation three times, only one edition of the IPL was held outside India. 

After five years, there is a situation again when India will host the entire tournament for the first time despite the clash of elections in the country during the IPL 2024.


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