Mitchell Starc’s First Aappearance In IPL 2024 is Thought To Be After The 2015 Contest

Mitchell Starc is eyeing next year’s IPL participation as he looks to prepare himself for the T20 World Cup in the West Indies and the USA. If his participation in IPL 2024 is confirmed, it will be his first appearance since the 2015 tournament.

Moreover, he appeared 27 times in two seasons for Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

Australia’s schedule is a factor in Mitchell Stock’s participation in IPL 2024. In his own words about the schedule, next year’s winter looks a lot calmer than this year, so this is my chance to add my name to IPL 2024.

It is worth noting that it has been eight years since Stoke played in the IPL. While the 2024 name of Starc has been confirmed for the IPL, they will play for the fans. 

If we take a look at his recent podcast, he is actually something like this: Look, it’s been eight years since I’ve been in the IPL and now I’m definitely coming back next year. This is a big lead for the T20 World Cup, among other things.

Here is a very good thing that you should keep in mind. Next year’s T20 World Cup will not be held at the end of the year like in 2022. You may remember that in 2022 it took place in the time period of October November while this time it is going to take place in  June in the West Indies and USA.

Starc’s return to IPL is a very exciting news for the fans as he is a very good bowler compared to other players. Let us tell you here that Stocks are playing IPL only by RCB team. 

Starc have only played two IPL so far and have taken them by storm with their impressive performances in both of them. This time too, he is expected to create havoc in IPL 2024 as well.

A History of Mitchell Starc’s in IPL

  • Matches – 27
  • Wickets – 34
  • Economy – 7.17
  • Strike rate – 17.06

The 15-member squad for Australia’s ODI World Cup also featured Starc’s name. 2015 was Starc’s first involvement in the IPL where he represented Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

However, in 2018, he also briefly joined Kolkata Knight Riders but dropped out due to injury. Although he considered a return to the past, he prioritized the discharge of national duties.

Here’s an overview of Australia’s stock tour program. Storc, who is a left-arm fast bowler and has a remarkable record in IPL history, can cross the 100-Test milestone as early as the 2025-26 home series.

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