ICC Confirms New York, Dallas, Florida as US Venues for T20 WC 2024

ICC Confirms New York, Dallas, Florida as US Venues for T20 WC 2024

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed New York, Dallas, and Florida as the US venues for the T20 World Cup 2024. The tournament will be co-hosted by the USA and West Indies, and the US matches will be played at the following venues:

  • New York: Eisenhower Park
  • Dallas: Grand Prairie
  • Florida: Broward County

This is the first time that the T20 World Cup will be played in the USA, and it is a sign of the growing popularity of cricket in the country. The USA has a large and diverse population, and cricket is particularly popular among immigrants from South Asia and the West Indies.

According to ICC Cricket Chief Executive Geoff Allardice, there are three venues to host the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024, the largest of which will see 20 teams play in the World Cup and then access the trophy.

Like the New York location, ICC has also announced two additional venues in Florida (Broward County) and Dallas (Grand Prairie).

The announcement came after several months of thoughtful discussions between the ICC and New York City officials.

There is a lot of excitement in the ICC to promote cricket in America, which is an emerging cricket market. If considered, making America the venue for the T20 2024 World Cup is the best decision and achievement of the ICC.

The venue is 30 miles from New York and will have 34,000 seats. A pop-up facility has been announced at the 900-acre Eisenhower Park in At Meadow, a township on Long Island.

Moreover, it can be said that this venue, which is spread over 930 acres, will also host the marquee clash between India and Pakistan.

The current cricket infrastructure in the US has always been a concern for the International Cricket Council.

Many of the problems that have presented themselves to the ICC with regard to venues in the United States have been greatly alleviated by the discovery of Eisenhower Park in New York.

The MLC explored a 15000-seat flagship stadium in Dallas for its inaugural season, despite the country lacking a permanently flooded state of the art cricket structure.

As the tentative schedule for the second edition of the MLC is in July, it is quite likely that it will gain access to benefit from the infrastructure of the new builder Eisenhower Pak in New York.

Aladdas introduced Modular Stadium Technology’ for 2024, which will expand the center of the stadium and allow more fans to watch matches.

The modular stadium technology is going to be very important for the upcoming matches, not only is it a lot of fun for the fans, but it will also increase the size of the venues, and Florida is going to be an important and enviable venue in New York.


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